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flying shields Hopi ufoThe flying shields identified by the various Indian tribes, so called because they resembled their shields of war, have always existed even before modern aviation ...




 In many cultures around the world there are several references to alien cultures that were said about our planet and often took it upon themselves to make us move forward in many ways, not the least of technological, scientific and social in Hindu texts such as the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, describe airships called Vimanas of various kinds, used for combat. Among the hieroglyphs on the wall of an Egyptian temple 3,000 years ago, at Abydos are depictions of what appear to be modern airplanes and helicopters, although many scholars try to explain this by making spiegazini who ridicule; engravings on stone discs that would have been found in caves on the Chinese-Tibetan border tell you stories of an extraterrestrial race called the Dropa, whose spacecraft would fall on Earth 12,000 years ago.

The Hopi Indians lived for over a thousand years on three major MESA (link to link with in northern Arizona, and also their legends refer to vehicles aircraft, perhaps from Orion: these Indian tribes may have established in the Mesas in Arizona because, you think, wanted to reflect the position of the stars in the constellation of their ancient origin, as was done for the three Egyptian pyramids close to Cairo.

What we now call the UFO or flying saucers, Indian tribes called them "flying shields" and existed before the advent of modern aviation, in a continent of age before ours, which was destroyed by a flood of enormous size, the memory of which seems to have survived in the writings of the Sumerians which were then used to write the Torah and the Christian Bible then, though with many changes of names of places both personal as well as a healthy little sorting of what went into writing new texts and what does not.

The period before the flood, and then the destruction of a large part of humanity, was a flourishing period, both technologically and culturally, in which large cities were built and massive defensive walls built, but we are only tests deemed uncertain in around the world or makes a myth as reported by elders who passed on their culture of origin, as Thomas Banyacya that, in a speech to the United Nations, as the Hopi clan Coyote said:
"In those days, people invented many machines and had all the comfort derived from technology, some of which have not yet been obtained nowadays."

Such a statement can not be anything but a calling in life knowledge derived from the ancient Atlantis, now missing for millennia, although there is no evidence of its existence, the evidence derived from circonstanziali myths found in various cultures in the world and finds strange buildings that should not exist according to the logic of archaeological, do not give many doubts.

In a Hopi myth, tells of how God Sotuknang, god of flying shields during a devastating flood that was destroying a city in the south, he took with him on his half of the survivors after they boarded reported what they saw, or that their views could head to the infinity of the earth as they climbed into the sky, and while Sotuknang gave refreshment to children who had saved along with two young men, telling them that they had to trust him and his teachings because he had a liking given their precarious situation, and that he communicated with them even in dreams.

To a village, not a great distance from their homes, brought down the young men who had saved, right where their parents had settled, said goodbye and flew through the clouds as it had appeared: because in their culture dishes did not like us, they gave the name of the object that most closely in shape and that is the warrior's shield, using the word and name to indicate that it is paatuwvota, which identifies precisely the shield of war.

Even in traditional Hopi Kachina or talking about the entity that could become anything they wanted (animals, objects, parts of conditions such as wind, fire, etc.) and how the fallen angels from heaven, came down from the cosmos to mate with women Hopi, exactly as stated in the Bible and the Jewish Torah, and here also returns the discourse on alien abductions, for example, that shown by another Hopi legend which tells of a young bride who accompanied the groom know Kana of Kachina until his village in Second Mesa, carried on a flying shield.

As you can see, the various traditions found throughout the world, even with cultural differences recently reported the same traditions and myths without having had the opportunity to communicate with them, so it can not fail to think of an existing reality in the myth that goes beyond the mere fantasy or the fact that it is just stories.

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