2012 end of the world postponed

end of the world 2012If you were convinced that in December 2012, the end would come well .. forget it, they changed their minds ..




End world 2012 Maya

Apparently the end of the world for the proposed 21 Dicembra 2012 will not take place because those who had advanced the idea that what happens to the data just quoted, he had calculated well the various differences between calendars of different nature and therefore the region long-awaited end of the human world that many wished not take place, to say were two brothers, who for some time dealing with different approaches to the question. It is Bohumil and Vladimir Böhm, the first a mathematician and the second a professor of history and Mayan culture. As reported by the Bohm, in fact, we can finally mark the beginning to sleep soundly because the hay predicted the world will not take place but instead may be postponed to 2116, according to their new calculations ... that the reverse is derived from the fact that, to date, the date that was given is just around the corner or maybe to their calculations were really flawed you can not understand how can some subjects after causing a huge social tension, hope to continue to be heard ..

The study, published in the journal Astronomische Nachrichten, the obsession with the numbers of the Maya. This fact, people used to use different calendars, the religious was 260 days, the agricultural lasted 365 days. Their weeks were 9 days, and then there was the so-called long cycle, made up of 1,872,000 days, so it is very complex to make links between these and our calendars, comparing dates, events and sources. The comparison of the different calendars with different events and analyzing different sources, Böhm brothers have discovered that the calculations that led to the apocalypse dating to 2012 were incorrect and the error was made by the archaeologist John Eric Sidney Thompson, which he had forgotten to consider a long break in the Mayan calendar, which is caused by a long war that also stopped the counting of days.

Apparently none of us run risks beyond the date that now has become so popular thanks to the film movement that has given many ideas to the imagination of the people, allowing almost imagine doomsday scenarios in the hope that a new holocaust could happen and change always the face of the earth and of human society suit, but again nothing will happen just because some idiot was wrong to calculate the information reported without reasoning on the fact that, by dint of shouting "wolf wolf", you will as a result of no longer being heard nor believed in the future, and this could, in the case of real danger looming, bring to sacrifice innocent lives. When in doubt, Yucatan Italians continue to build bunkers to survive the end of the world.

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