2012: The leaders of the world know something?


bunker seeds 2012For years, we hear of the end of the world should come in December 2012, but now other theories have been added to the previous ones, even if there is some truth.


 End world 2012


According to what can be found on the Internet, since the middle of 2011, there were rumors - never validated by official bodies - about the fact that European countries were preparing stocks of food and other necessities, in anticipation of the arrival in 2012, of a difficult situation or natural disaster, which would bring with it the seeds of destruction. Norway, was preparing shelters - and not only - in the area of Svalbard, using the excuse of saving seed varieties from all over the world, so as to avoid any possible disruption of plant gene bank in the event of natural disasters or generated by humans.

Apparently, a Norwegian politician, would reveal to members of Project Camelot - a group of researchers of the truth hidden from the eyes of the people - that a planet "X" is coming and will bring death and destruction, and only those who belong to the elite of power or who can be useful to the reconstruction - engineers, scientists, etc. - will be saved, others will perish left to themselves and to the circumstances of the event. Only 2 million people of Norwegian nationality will be saved, and no one will help people remain in the open, other countries (both the U.S. and EU and others) are preparing the same choices.

Even Bill Gates and Rockefeller have invested in the Norwegian project, and not only know something we do not know or that no one wants to reveal? I do not know that the rich have pleasure to invest money without the ability to earn, even when told by TG that they do is just to get the other directly or indirectly, so what can we expect? Some people say that all the forecasts are only cheating or information dictated by people who are ready to seize the good faith of others always ready to be frightened by any news of disaster. There are those who believe so that leaves the society in which he lived to retire in places that should not suffer from any disaster strikes spatial or land: what will happen by the end of this year so full of expectations, fears, illusions, hopes?

 end of the world 2012

The 2012 bears the mark of destiny. Judging from the facts put together in the internet and in various books, there is at least a fifty percent chance that a great tragedy and / or a great awakening will occur or begin in that year. The question ultimately is not whether, but when it happens, not so much in the sense of the exact date, because of the doubt whether this momentous transformation will take place or not in our lifetime or that of our loved ones. The importance of the deadline of 2012 is that, being so close, forces us to confront the many possible global catastrophe, to estimate the probability and the destructive potential, and to ask ourselves what we are prepared to react to them, individually and as a civilization. The positive aspect of maturity is the setting up of a warning, a stimulus to prepare the body, mind and soul to take some reasonable precautions for themselves and for their families. In a sense, that does not necessarily include physical survival, we all, as never before, a chance to reconcile and show up our collective nature higher.



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