Yin Yang Taoist philosophy

Yin Yang Taoist philosophy

At the heart of Taoist thought is the principle of polarity, the emphasis with which outlines the opposites must not mislead you imagine a situation of conflict, but, all things implies the existence of an opposite, and that's it which owes its meaning, so that life and death, light and dark, positive and negative, wave and tide, male and female co-exist as parts of one and the same system, and not as a Catholic or Islamic religion who want to conflicts only to have the power in his hands.

The elimination of one of the other two parties would disappear, and that is why we always instill fear for the other, so we can manage as best believe.

The Yin and Yang are the Tao, the All existing beyond all thought or misunderstanding, undifferentiated: it is the unity of all things and the way of functioning of the universe, this unit appears to be the Yin Yang, the world in his infinitive forms.
Yin Yang is a symbolic representation of the universal process that shows a change rather than the static design of reality, also used to differentiate aspects of the process.
In the magnetic field of the fundamental and creative tensions all aspects enter into relationship, they interpenetrate and are dependent on each other: the poles of a unified set are characterized with respect to each other, rotating in cycles in which the one becomes the other.

It can be a difficult concept for Westerners to understand because it defies rigid categories, which are fixed and concrete, completely on its functions Yin Yang depends entirely on the observer's point of view, as shown by the Taoist poem:

For the frog in the pond of the temple
The lotus stems are high.
For the gods of Mount Everest
An elephant is small.

All things have a polar nature: time is divided into day and night, summer and winter, the masculine and feminine genders, the places in heaven and earth sula, the temperature in warm and cold, up and down directions, the space in the interior and exterior, and so on.
But the definitions of Yin Yang are made only in relation to one another, for example the Sun is bigger, brighter, warmer (Yang) in relation to Earth, which is smaller, darker and colder ( Yin), but which is in turn Yang respect to the Moon which is more Yin.
Yin and Yang can not be separated: there is no darkness without light, without front or behind, or up without down.
Because everything is in motion all the processes and cycles are everything contains its opposite, the dilemma of what came first, whether the chicken or the egg, is exceeded in Chinese philosophy inseparable accepting both as agents of the formation process of creating .

The Chinese theory does not separate cause and effect but the one invariably becomes another in a continuous cycle of transformation: life is a game where events tumble one another in a continuous fall.
Responds to the stimulus of the yin and Yang Yang is backed by the Yin, which is dense and hidden while Yang is dispersed and exposed: in a beeswax candle and wick are part of the base material, the flame that rises to the top is immaterial nature, light and warm, Yang.
The interaction of the two is what produces the useful heat and light and reflects the interaction of matter and energy.
The Yin and Yang also describe the human processes: the stages of life ranging from conception to birth, growth, decline and death of our youth (Yang) is like the hare that is fast, choppy, uneven, and light, our mature years (Yin) is more like the tortoise that is slow, cautious, heavy and persistent.
That said you can quote an excerpt from the "Tao Te Ching" by Lao Tzu:

The Tao that can be told is not the eternal Tao,
The name you can pronounce is not the eternal name
Nameless is the origin of Heaven and Earth
With a name is the "Mother of the countless creatures"
Eternally free from want, you can grasp the mystery
Eternally wishing you can see its events
These two names mean the same thing: it's dark,
The darkness in the darkness the door of all mysteries.

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