Yijing Dao Manual

Yijing Dao Manual

Of the three major reference texts of Taoist thought, the one that best serves as a manual is the Yijing: its origins are shrouded in mystery and though you feel they are very old or do not mention either Laozi or Zhwang Zhou.

Probably go back to the transcript of a body of folk wisdom handed down orally at first, differs from all other oracular texts for the way he looks at past, present and future as they were dynamic entities, flowing and changing, so ungovernable strict instructions from and legislation.

The permutation of the forces Yin and Yang is elaborated in terms of 64 hexagrams each composed by two strokes trigram formed by broken (yin) and integers (yang).
It can be found in two ways: the technique is the most venerated of the fifty sticks, but it may take up to six sticks or coins, the volume should be placed on the table top, free from other objects and opened on a clean canvas.

In Taoism it is believed that the source of wisdom flow from the North, so the table is placed in the north wing of the room, so as to approach it coming from the south.
Along with sticks, sticks or coins will be placed a burning incense: the right question to the text should be formulated keeping in mind and with great concentration and the launch of the coins or sticks will determine whether the trigram indicators of the relevant step of the writing.

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