The three crucibles Taoist Thought

The three crucibles Taoist Thought

If the Taoist avoids rigid patterns of behavior and does not subscribe to any religious ritual, he observed certain disciplines - such as the inner alchemical neidan or method - are recommended to help to relate his mental life with the cosmic forces.

The transformation of thought the practice of meditation leads the adept to align with current essential Universe: this awakening takes place within three points placed in the choir, the dantian, physical centers of gravity and the anchors of meditation practiced.

The lower one is in the womb, the median is located at the solar plexus and third, where the essence of the adept is purified of thought unites the cosmic energies, is in the head, the symbol of the mountains and touch the sky.

These dantyans or tan-t'ien, are also identified as the headquarters of the physical energies of Jing, the essence of life related to reproduction but also to physical energy itself, where a failure would cause exhaustion and immune weakness.

The dantyans solar plexus that contains refined jing energy of food and nutrients, which sustains the life of the person, while the head contains dantyans shen, the thoughts that might disturb the harmony of the internal organs as viral diseases since our thoughts are reflected in the functioning of our whole body, just look at how an irritation to someone or a situation can make us ache stomach, or gastritis if you want: even millennia, civilization defined by the "scholars" as modern backward knew the psychosomatic effect.

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