The Taoist Qi energy

The Taoist Qi energy

The fusion energy individual with the great cosmic force (IQ) is the object of awakening meditation training, practiced Taoist dall'adepto: this energy present in all animate and inanimate nature, is the subject of an elaborate system of symbols , again according to the human body with the large cosmic context.

The head is the sky, the stars' hair, eyes and ears to the Sun to the Moon and the blood flowing in the veins is clear symbol of the rain that feeds the rivers and streams in the landscape, which in turn is represented by the bones (mountains) and the orifices (valleys): close observation of nature can be understood in the sense of human destiny.

The Qi energy is difficult to explain because it is part of multiple types simultaneously, a mixture of electromagnetic energy, nervous, fed from both the organic and inorganic (food, beverages and oxygen), which helps and sustains life in every existing , not just those that we consider "alive."

Qi circulates in channels called meridians, used in acupuncture to cure, or kill (see martial arts), through three main points said Tan-t'ien, the so-called three jewels or flowers, depending on the culture in which referenced, with links to the physical, mental and emotional human being, they are divided into low, medium and high.
The goal of Taoism is to achieve balance in these "cauldrons" and then to combine their energies in the head which is the tan-t'ien up, from there you can use a multitude of techniques to try to reach a kind of cosmic consciousness that should ensure eternal life, the astral, the person.

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