Meaning of Indian symbols The circle of life


Indian symbolism THE CIRCLE OF LIFE

According to the philosophy of Native Americans all things are connected in the circle of life at different periods of life we find ourselves facing a particular direction and express its qualities, all uomoni born with the knowledge of at least one of the four directions, where life is to learn the other.

In the West the person has passed the gates of life and approaches the realms of light, here we find the wisdom that tramples fear and ignorance paving the way for clarity of thought.
The pain, shame, guilt, are set aside, the west can choose to go to the land of infinite light, or return to the north and start to circle with greater wisdom, the color associated with the west is the black. For Native Americans, death is not seen as a place where life ends but rather as one of the sacred circle, a vision of the flow of life that is also found at the Celtic peoples and Buddhism.

NORTH govern and influence aspects of a person's life, courage, strength, patience and endurance, it brings wisdom and harmony of the individual physical and mental, and it is the hiding place of the bird thunder and rests the sacred buffalo, its color is white snow.

The EST indicates the direction in which the sun rises every morning bringing life, light, wisdom, knowledge and communication with all that constitutes the nature, the trees, everything that walks, crawls, swims, flies, the person is able to see the relationships between everything that moves around the sacred circle.
The teaching of the East is the lighting that makes us see things clearly, as the eagle in its flight, the yellow East is similar to the brightness of the morning star and its symbol is the eagle.

From the South are warm breezes, rain and alue that grows and nourishes the crops, it governs a sense of community and family that is growing and working together as a single body: the south is the direction of harmony, balance and good relations, and its color is verde.E 'important to note that at the Native American man coordinates are seven: the four cardinal points is combined the world axis, an imaginary line that runs through the man from the top of the head to the soles of the feet, including the two points above and below and a transverse axis through the man at the waist.

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