The Shaman and the mental and physical healing


The Shaman and the mental and physical healing

The shaman in the community called not only to heal people physically, but also has a function similar to that of our psychotherapist, because he understood the power of words. We recognize that our capacity of imagination is very strong, conscious or not, we can create what we imagine.

Sandra Ingerman said that one of the most common risks of the work of soul retrieval is to make worse, to make sad people with whom we have done the job. Very often we tell of the trauma that we saw on the trip, but this way traumatizziamo even more patient. The key point is rather telling of stories that will cure, we must learn to tell stories so that the patient "may walk in beauty in a sacred way" as the Navajo.

What is shown by the recovery of the soul is the pure essence, which has no personality or feelings. Here the life force, is blown into this purity, not the story we've seen. Do not report back the soul that had been frightened, otherwise the patient is frightened.

It's a great responsibility to tell a story that can inspire a person to heal, to come back into life with joy. We must be careful when words.

Very often we tell other people the hardships or misfortunes we have experienced. It's easy to talk about their illness, the beloved who has just left, but ... if we are aware of the power of words, in so doing we recreate the same situation, we reproduce the same event every time we tell him, also involving the person we are listening.

Telling a good story, with nice words, can make a difference in the relationship with people and especially in relationship to ourselves.

Words are seeds planted. Therefore we must take great care and attention in what we plant, in what we say, because then these words grow, are rooted in the person receiving it. It was always believed that words have the power to transform thoughts into reality without form, and in physical manifestations.

Among the Sami, a population of Lapland, there are shamans called "doctors of the word", because they manage to bring the healing power of words and songs, also to pass the headaches.

The ancients had realized the importance of words. ABRAQ AD Habra in Aramaic means "CREATE WHAT I SAY"

The creation in Genesis says that God created the world with the words "Let there be Light", in the New Testament John begins with "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God."

 Even in the Indian tradition, the Hindu power of words is known. They know the power of mantras, the Vedic chants. And the importance that give the primordial sound OM, are the syllables with which it started the whole universe. Even in the meso-American tradition has always emphasized the use of the word, Don Miguel Ruiz in his book The Four Agreements stands as the first agreement "be impeccable with your word"

Appreciate, honor and be grateful they are magic words that have the power to transmute. How we create with our words! Try making a list of words and then hear their vibrations by reading them aloud.

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