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Is the supreme god and often appears in the mandal, in the myths of ancient cultures, the circle has always had the symbolic meaning of the self or of the totality and the natives often represent the deity in the guise of a mandala instead of a human figure.

Symbols soul Navajo Indians

The black figure in the center is thus the core of the soul of all beings and is surrounded by a stylized snake symbol of transformation and renewal: the zigzag strips in the outer circle and the points at which end point you are connected between different points of view.

Meaning of Symbols Indians


The figure shows the bird of thunder on a shield.

Symbols of American Indian bird of thunder

The meaning of this symbol as other symbols mentioned here, often appears in the sand mandala, it is a mythical being worshiped by all the Indian tribes of the prairies, nell'illistrazione appears on a shield in the center of the Dakota four-star and four bunches pens to represent the cardinal points.
For the native bird of thunder is the bearer of the rain, his eyes light up their lightning and his flapping thunders, according to myth the thunderbirds live in a cedar forest at the western end of the land, where they build their nests, carrying clubs derived from the cedar and fill their pipes with the needles of this plant.
Also according to the myth, the occurrence of storms the thunderbirds high rise and trigger the storm is described as a gigantic bird with a wingspan of up to 25 meters, white breast and black back.

 Meaning of Symbols Indians


Bison revolved around the life of the tribes of the Great Plains, food, tools, religion, almost extinct at the end of the nineteenth century, because of the indiscriminate hunting of the white man, is now enjoying a revival, there are more than 150,000 units in the national parks and tribal herds.
The bison represents the Indians caught sight of abundance when a white buffalo, the sacred animal par excellence because it represented the incarnation of WankaTanka (sacred buffalo) was a sign that their prayers were heard and was about to begin a period of abundance: bison in the mandala healing often represented in profile, indicates that all things are present in abundance, when we learn to respect them and to accept with gratitude, the female bison symbolizes motherly love.

Symbols of American Indian bird of thunder

Indian symbols white America Bison

Meaning of Symbols Indians


Indian symbols america brown bear

The bear is a symbol of introspection as it retires each winter in a cave, almost to close in on a long silence in which to search for the answers to all the questions, introspection is necessary to learn to understand our desires and is a form energy typically female.
The bear then retires in winter to be reborn in the spring, it is a great connoisseur of herbs and plants that can heal himself thanks to his knowledge and wisdom, is often represented in the mandala healing through the design of his footprints stylized .

Meaning of Symbols Indians


The eagle is a symbol of the sun and that is why his feathers are also used in the form of mandala design in healing, it is also useful to remember that the warriors of the tribe of the Plains (Sioux, Lakota, Blackfoot and Crow among others) earned the right to wear an eagle feather on his head making an act of courage in war, while the headdress of feathers was reserved only to leaders and warriors of particular importance and had 28 eagle feathers.

Indian symbols america brown bear

Indian symbols Indian headdress

Meaning of Symbols Indians


The turtle is a symbol exclusively female and represents the Mother Earth because it never loses contact with the ground, the shell on the back makes a protective shield and its slow pace warns us not to do things hastily, it shall not act as warmth of the sun on her eggs and, in this way, shows us how important it is to mature into silence our thoughts, our ideas, before they are circulated to the other, for this also occurs in the turtle stylized designs present in healing mandala.

Meaning of Symbols Indians


Indian medicine bag

Another object often designed in healing mandala as sacred objects, with a lot of power, which still are part of the private Native Americans, everyone can create their own or they can be relatives or friends to do it for him because help them to follow an arduous task or something that feel like an ordeal and very rischios, others hold special bags in your home or car.
This is particularly important during periods of illness or during times of increased awareness, sensitivity and sometimes confusion.
The bags of medicine are nothing more than small containers of leather or fabric, close to the edge of a strap, there are simple, but they can also be decorated with beads, feathers and painted with symbols of the tribes who prepares the bag while taglòia or sewing, prays for the health and happiness of the person to whom it is intended, carefully chooses herbs to put in and devotes a particular prayer or a positive thought to each of them.

Meaning of Symbols Indians


Indian symbols america turquoise stones

For the people of the southwest, and particularly the Navajo, turquoise is a symbol of abundance, material and spiritual wealth, prosperity and good health, in fact, that tribe is known as the "people turquoise" so much so that one of the four sacred mountains around their land is precisely the "Turquoise Mountain" this stone is often crumbled and reduced to powder to create drawings in healing mandala.

Meaning of Symbols Indians

Dream catcher

This is the first mandala that a baby born he had seen, was once constructed exclusively using willow twigs and tendons of bison or another animal and it hung above his bed or even more frequently on the cradle of the newborn, as a tool protection from bad medicine (evil eye, black magic) and the negative influences which, in the course of the night, get caught in the web, and then dissolve in the sunshine.

Indian symbols dream catcher

The thoughts and positive dreams come instead in the center hole and fall on the person who sleeps along the feather pendant, helping and guiding them in life: it is amazing the similarity of this structure with the rose windows of cathedrals where the main point was the brightest and indicated Christ.

Meaning of Symbols Indians


The calumet (pronounced calumé) is a ceremonial pipe of the Indians of North America.

The calumet was used during important ceremonies, especially to celebrate a peace treaty or alliance. According to the legend of the Lakota, who call Chanunpa Wakan, the calumet was given to men by white female bison along with seven ceremonies.

Tradition has it that the torch - commonly made of ash wood with white - symbolizes men, while the stove - commonly made of stone - would be Mother Earth.

The Lakota used for the stove pipe to the catlinite (named after George Catlin, white attorney who lived a long time among the Indians and who was allowed to visit the areas where there was such material), a quartz schist colored red for ' high iron content and workable. Other tribes used rocks bluish, black or green. The Cherokee and Chickasaw built stove with a sort of terracotta. The Ute of Colorado alabaster used salmon.

In calumet were commonly burned grass and sage.

Indian symbols dream catcher

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