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The healing mandala sand paintings, not to be confused with the "wheels of medicine" that are holy places special built of stones placed to form a large circle in the center have a mound or a large stone, from which radiate outwards rays consisting of other stones until it touches the outer circle that can reach 90 meters in diameter.
The wheels of medicine dating back to ancient times usually have four lines of stones that stretch outward to indicate the cardinal points, while the prehistoric often have five or more rays of stones that depart from the central block to the outside.

These tuote of Medicine are located on high ground, in the highlands of the North, have been found more than 67 different wheels of medicine, including those found in southwestern Canada: they represent a wide range of shapes and excavations carried out in some of these sites indicate that were built in a very long period of time.
The most famous is the Bighorn Medicine Wheel in Wyoming, which is located on top of a mountain range known as the Shining Mountains, on a plateau called alpine mountain medicine, and is considered an important holy place.

Even more impressive is great and the medicine wheel which is located in Majorville in Alberta and was found by excavations in 1971, ilblocco center was initially built 4500 years ago, according to C14 dating made of bones that have been found in of it, while the rest of the wheel has been built at a later time by groups of people who have added new layers of rock and some artifacts such as arrowheads.

The wheels of medicine are closely linked to the history of many tribes, Sonoo cathedrals and respected as they are believed to be the residence of special spirits that can interact directly with the upper world, for the natives have respect for the sacred circle of life, means periodically make a trip to one of the wheels of medicine, as it is in Islam or in other monotheistic religions that make travel to places of pilgrimage to sacred tradition to which they belong.

Often you have to travel many days to reach one of these sacred places and some of the natives are able to go to the medicine wheel only once in your life, to renew one's spirit or ask for help to the creator for their health problems, or a loved one . Plants ele substances collected during these trips have a very strong energy, especially minerals, quartz crystals and pigments used in formulas and healing ceremonies, the Indians while they perform their ceremonial duties, pray, make offerings and experience on them healing and renewal.

Visitors to one of these places is laces colored flannel tobacco or light red bags of medicine related to hedges, shrubs or branches of a tree, or attached to sticks driven into the ground so to avoid problems it is best not to touch or remove these sacred objects.
For decades, the natives are fighting because the U.S. government will ensure the protection of their sacred sites that remain free and accessible to private worship.

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