Arapaho Indian tribes native america


Arapaho Indian tribes native america

The Arapaho, like the tribe of the Cheyenne and Sioux Indians with whom they were closely associated in the Indian wars, were probably coming from one region to the north, perhaps from the Red River, and had arrived in the Great Plains to the east around the XVII and XVIII.

Like the Cheyenne, were divided into two groups, those who settled north east of the Rocky Mountains along the headwaters of the Platte River in the current Wyoming, and those Southerners who settled rather farther south, along the Arkansas River in Colorado.

The Northern Arapaho along the northern Cheyenne were an important part in the War of the Sioux tribes. Among their leaders were the main Black Bear, Plenty Bear and Sorrel Horse. The Arapaho were active in southern Colorado and Kansas in wars involving also the Cheyenne. Two of their major leaders in the wars on the plains were Little Raven and Left Hand. Black Bear and his group supported the impact of a troop of three columns sent by General Patrick F. Connor in the areas around the northern Powder River in Wyoming and southern Montana, and that is against the allied tribes of the north. This campaign took place in August 1865. Although the 3,000 soldiers were able to engage the Sioux and Cheyenne Indians in small scrums never decisive, and that in most cases were resolved against them, continually attacked the people of Black Bear killed many men, women and children, logorandolo increasingly, after burning villages and possessions. The invading army was dismissed from the Powder River through surprise attacks followed by immediate and also withdrawn due to bad weather. The campaign had failed a long-term effect: further strengthened military alliance with the Northern Arapaho, the Sioux and Cheyenne. The massacre of innocent tribes of Cheyenne at Sand Creek, came a year earlier, with many witnesses Arapaho, had the same effect for the southern ones.

No more wars, the Southern Arapaho were located on a reservation on Indian Territory along the South Cheyenne Arapaho The North ended up instead in the Wind River reservation in Wyoming with the Shoshoni north that were once their enemies.

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