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Practice of self treatment Reiki First Level

SELF TREATMENT IN 5, 6 or 7 FIXED POSITIONS (gives you energy to all of the 7 main chakras), which is a pattern that can be worn both at 5 than 6 than to 7 positions to suit your taste - having two hands available - the important thing is to feed all seven chakras. Lying comfortably on a chair, a sofa or a bed, by balancing the heart move your hands one at a time in the first place, then after a few minutes at a time by moving a step at the second position and so on. Keep each position at least for one minute. The minimum length is therefore 5 minutes, but a good self-treatment lasts approx. 15 minutes (even better if it lasts longer!).

  Reiki self-treatment

reiki treatment 2

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FREE self-treatment (hands can be positioned freely on all sides of the body in a sequence guided solely by feel and by the particular needs of the moment) From balance to the heart harbor hands one at a time where I feel the time and I'm feeling, then a at a time the move ... Also Available for self-treatment are worth the same time indications.

Can treat one or more times a day, at any time. In Reiki as it is better ... and consequently, in addition to take advantage, there is awareness

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