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Introduction: love one another

The self-treatment is a great opportunity for love. Love for myself. In dealing with myself I give myself the time and I crop an area of peace and tranquility in which I try to feel by listening without judgment. I decide that I deserve love and act concretely. When I decide to love myself in a healthy and act concretely in favor of that decision, I do not commit an act of arrogance, conceit or narcissism rampant. I try hard just to break the mold of my personality, leaving the judgment to get out of my feelings of guilt and inadequacy, accept my my human limits ... I hasten acceptance of who I am ... I try to recognize the divine presence within me and I am with all the love that I can I intend to honor it.

According to the universal law of resonance (or love, or the attraction) I can make out of me only what I have inside me. I can love others only if they first learn to love me, I can respect others if first I learn to have respect for me ... In allowing me a Reiki self-treatment favorisco contact with myself and stimulus-esteem, self expression and feelings of love and respect for myself.

Approcciarmi other above all things care of me is certainly an act of love and respect their own against the other, partner, friend, or simply attended
party that is. In addition to stimulating processes of consciousness, the self-treatment is also a valuable tool for the prevention, strengthening of the immune system and body in general as well as nursing and acceleration of the normal processes of self healing. So the self-treatment I care when I'm bad, I'm fine when prevention activities and relax physically, emotionally and mentally.

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