Reiki Technique to balance the heart


Reiki Technique to balance the heart

In each Reiki treatment is always preceded by a brief but significant gesture: the BALANCING THE HEART. Simply ask for a second hand on the heart (the fingers are joined, the thumb resting on the hand). This gesture does not open the "tap" and the less energy the lights' "switch" energy, as some of the short Western tradition used to say: Reiki Reiki flows in the operator 24 hours a day, for life ...

The sacredness of the act is to focus the operator's presence Reiki at its most valuable asset: the unity of light, which is the divine spark that dwells in the heart, in the 4 th chakra.

Start every Reiki treatment on the heart with a few seconds (could be a good fit three breaths) is to lead, then where will your hands, stamp of the sacred heart. Mikao Usui practiced Gassho position (Reiji Ho) as balancing the Heart. Every time you perform to the Heart Balancing your conscience gets this message: "The Heart is my starting point, the Heart is my medium, the Heart is my ultimate goal!"

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