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The numbers and their meaning


The number 1 is the number of God, that the Occultists identify with what Unica, summarizing the Universe, Man and the Divine Nature. Represents God as Father because he is the symbol of the phallus, that is, of generating power, God, the Creator, is the origin of everything in the Universe, as the first is the original number. For this, the first is the number of the leaders and pioneers (as you will see later in the other link) indicates the beginning, because it is the first such number and so is the "boss" of all the others. Characteristic of people who fall under his influence is to dominate those around them, in fact, when you add 1 to a number equal this becomes odd, and vice versa. 1 people are firmly fixed in their purpose and monolithic in character, because if one is multiplied or divided by itself, is 1, and this is not the case in the other numbers. The first is proud and haughty bristles up - all the symbols it is always shown with a vertical bar, is that, even in a figurative sense, the character of the people or events that fall under its influence.
The characteristics of the subjects 1 are similar to those ascribed to Jehovah in the Old Testament: domain, power, creativity, originality, determination, individuality, self proclamation of their entitlement, refusal to cooperate with others or tolerate rivals.


The 2 is the first of the even numbers: as the first is masculine, the second is its counterpart direct female, "negative", connected to the receptivity and "evil." The features related to the second are those traditionally associated with femininity: softness, gentleness, modesty, obedience, subordination, but also malice, cunning, subtle cruelty, disloyalty, duplicity. In intercourse the woman plays a passive and receptive, so the 2 is the number of passive and reception. Two individuals reach their goals through diplomacy and persuasion, because it is known that women get what they want above all by exercising the arts of flattery and seduction. The component of cruelty, malice and deceit related to the nature of the two mainly due to the connection of this issue with the Devil: the second is considered the most evil of numbers, and all objects forked or two tips are symbols of evil, because the second is The first issue that breaks the unity, that is, 1, O God, not for nothing are the two horns of the "Infernal Goat," which directs the dance of witches during the Sabbath. The witch, it's worth noting, is the symbol of the negative (mischievous, cunning, cruel) in its dual aspect of femininity.


3 is the number of creation according to the theories of numerology, in fact, the first alone, even if it is potentially creative, in fact it is sterile, because, as is multiplied by itself, is always 1. The second does not solve the problem, because in front of the 1 generates a pair of opposites and multiplied by 1 remains 2: to reconcile opposites and create other numbers must be the third. What lies behind this discussion is the sexual symbolism of the 3, which has natural roots: the male genital apparatus is composed of 3 parts, 2 of which are equal and one is different. According to the theory of magic, God - man is magnified - seen as creator, should be similarly threefold. It follows that the number 3 is the orderly and harmonious development and those who are under its influence will progress in life with ease and fortune, obtaining effortless success and sympathy. As the number of creation, the three marks individuals who feel a strong urge to create something uniquely express themselves, so they are artists and have a temperament talkative and witty. This is confirmed by the fact that 3 is the number of the triangle, and then the surface (3 points are sufficient to locate a floor): 3 individuals are therefore very "surface" charming, cheerful and bright. Their tendency to disperse efforts also depends on the symbolism of the triangle, as they turn in 3 directions at once.


The fourth is inevitably a number from negative influences and retardants, as it is equal, then passive, feminine and evil and you get twice the second is like 2 +2 is like 2 x 2. It 's the number of solidity and immobility, because 4 points are enough to build the simplest of geometric solids, namely the tetrahedron pyramid with a triangular base, also, we must remember that according to the traditional cosmologies, everything in the material world is made up of a mixture in different proportions of four elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Wind and characterized by a mixture of four essential qualities Dry, Wet, Cold, Hot, so 4 is the solid matter. People are people characterized by it "solid", grounded, down to earth, but they are also heavy, monotonous and uniform. However, they are often shaken by uncontrollable outbursts of violence, as the earth is shaken by earthquakes and tremors hidden. The four are heavy and tireless workers - farmers, engineers - but often work hard and methodically uncertain and inadequate compensation.


The 5 comes from the first female number 2 added to the first issue of the men's 3 fully as we have seen in fact the first is sterile. E 'therefore the number of sexuality, particularly in the embrace of the male because she is "added" to the man for the pleasure of them. As the 3 represents the procreative function of sex, so the 5 stands for sexual pleasure, sex for its own sake, it is no coincidence that some of the characteristics of the individuals 5, and are described by numerologists, appear the same way as direct references Phallic: readiness, impulsivity, restlessness, elasticity and softness. It is said that the five individuals retract quickly and hate being forced down. In a symbolic sense the 5 represents the sensuality and the pleasures of the flesh because it is the number of the 5 senses dominates so those who listen to the impulses of the flesh rather than spiritual ones. On 5 configures the man "natural" because it is not only the number of the senses but also one that expresses the nature as it is composed from1 to 4 and when you add life to matter the result is the World of Nature, the ' humus vital ecological environment formed by the base inanimate, plants, animals and man. Individuals 5 are people multiform because the pentagon, their symbol, has many sides, for the same reason and also because the 5 is exactly halfway of the series of elementary figures 1 to 9 they can be versatile and adaptable, but also hesitant and uncertain, his eyes are turned forward and backward alternately.


The sixth, despite being an even number, it tends to be fatal as 2 and 4 because it is a number mathematically "perfect" are so called numbers that are equal to the sum of their divisors, in fact its divisors are 1.2, 3:06 = 1 +2 +3. Since these numbers are very rare (only know the top five: 6, 28, 496, 8128 and 33550336), are considered to be particularly significant and lucky, also, 6 also arises from the product of its divisors because 1x2x3 = 6, Therefore, it was considered a particularly high number harmonious, balanced, well integrated and not troubled by internal conflicts. If you made it down to six individuals are calm, happy, integrated in the environment and society, tranquil: serene and luminous qualities of 6 are underlined by its characteristic number of family love and domestic peace, it is because that 6 arises from the product of the first female number, the second with the first male number, 3 in conjugal, legal and sanctified, the woman is "multiplied" that is fertilized by the man to legitimate children.
On 6 so is the number of the marriage, the family, the house, the feminine sensuality fact is expressed only in marriage lawfully and harmoniously.
It is thus primarily the "exemplary wife and mother" but also, by extension, the "husband and father". 6 people are faithful, loyal, loyal, trustworthy, dedicated especially to the family and children, and efficient workers, sorted, cleaned, maybe even dull, boring and a bit 'gossips. Can be successful in the arts, because they have doubled the creative power of 3, without his recklessness.


The number 7 is not only prime number, that is not produced by the multiplication of other numbers but no longer produces even, multiplying, any number of the top ten, this differs from the other digits from 1 to 9, it was thought then that it was detached from them, isolated and incapable of communication. It follows that those who are under his dominion is a lonely, cut off from the common society, incapable and anything but eager to explain himself and his motives. The idea of mystery and magic that surrounds the 7 is, however, linked to the fact that it refused to recognize as the number which regulates most of the most important cycles of life on Earth is leading the lunar cycle, who is in contact with nature can that the cycle of life and death on Earth, birth, growth and decay of plants, animals and humans is associated with the increase and decrease of the moon walk in his endless cycle of births and deaths in the sky.
The lunar cycle consists of four phases, each of them takes about seven days, and this among other things is the origin of the calendar, which was created to follow the trend moon, but was later amended by clergy to follow the solar cycle, as it passed from one religion to a pagan lunar-solar-monotheistic-centralized - which governs the life of every day on the basis of monthly cycles, each consisting of four weeks, with the addition of a few days at end of each cycle to cover the period of "New Moon", in which the Moon is not visible in the sky. Following the confessions between microcosm and macrocosm, between man and the universe, the physical body is influenced by the septenary cycles, and in fact it renewed every seven years all the cells, menstruating women occurs in cycles of 7x4 days and last for three and a half days - ie 7:2 - in the human face, there are seven orifices, and so on, so as not to count as nature is grouped in order of seven (the colors of the rainbow, notes music, and so on). The characteristics of 7 in numerology thus reflect his character number that keeps the keys hidden rhythms of life; 7 symbolizes the profound wisdom, interest in religion, and philosophy, search for eternal truths, secrecy and mystery, it is also day on which God rested after creation: this rest takes sacred character and is indicative of reflection after the effort and work, separation from the world, introspection and meditation.


The 8 is formed by 4 +4: the 4, as already said, is the number of matter, then its double is the interest in earthly matters and the success stories in materials and mundane. 4 While the individual has to work hard to get his rewards, eight can quickly reach great success in terms of money and power, just as quickly, however, can reach the collapse, due to calculation errors or unforeseen circumstances. At the base of the meaning of 8 there is a symbolism of anatomic nature: the 8 is traditionally associated with the vagina, that is the port through which a new life into the world, then, means commitment in earthly things because, being born, a new individual makes its entry onto the world stage, and success or failure are the two major possibilities that are offered, for this also indicates the existence after death, for religious individuals is access to a "new life." E 'therefore the number that represents the continuity of eternal, not for nothing that the mathematical symbol for infinity is an eight lying on its side.


On 9 represents the great achievements of mind and spirit because it is the last and highest numbers of elementary denotes so its quality "higher". Since 9 is originated from 3x3, individuals 9 are the three "magnified", ie, in which the positive features and drawbacks of the number generator can be found in the highest degree, so that a number is associated with love, because it has multiplied the male sexual power of three. This love, however, can also spiritualize, esplicandosi in compassion for humanity, social responsibility, desire to act in a beneficial way. On the other hand the 9 can also assume a meaning clearly selfish, is in fact a number that always returns on itself: when it is multiplied by any other number, you get a result whose digits summed with each other, still give 9, also , if you add up the numbers from 1 to 9 is obtained 45, and 4 +5 = 9, once again. In the high sense 9 is the number of initiation, because it is the last and highest of elementary figures marks the end of a phase of spiritual development and the beginning of another stage higher, symbolized by the transition from the units to the tens .


The 11 is the number of apostles (Judas removed) remained faithful to Christ in the world and spread the message of the Savior, it is therefore called "the number of revelations" and who is under his influence believed to have a special message from communicate to others. This meaning is further underlined by the fact that 11 is the first digit after the 10, according to the Pythagorean symbolism, the series of numbers 1 to 10 expressed "the sum of all things," that the whole created world . The 11 being the start of a higher set of numbers, symbolizes a plan knowledge and realizations higher than the normal and customary. Interpreting it as God (1) added to the World (10) is due to the sense of "number of revelations" attributed to 11: it is the sign of the beginning of the knowledge of God, that is the entrance into the higher life of heaven. Individuals are therefore 11 teachers and preachers, to limit the saints and martyrs, however, people who see a separate reality from the normal and strive to additarla their fellowmen.


The 22 derives its importance from the biblical tradition: there are 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, 22 (according to the computation Hebrew) books of the Old Testament, and 22 things that God begat in his six days of creation, the list of these latter is supplied by Isidore of Seville, in the first day God created the formless matter, the angels, the light, the heavens above, the earth, water and air, in the latter created the heavens and in the third seas, seeds, herbs and trees, in the fourth the Sun, Moon and planets, in the fifth fish, reptiles, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems and the birds in the sixth wild animals, and domestic and man. In the act of creation, God in fact merely appoint bodies created, which immediately came into existence in response to the preliminary - here there is a big secret, however, is beyond the argument that we are dealing with - their name, because the name of a thing contains the essence. Since God created everything, then, are the 22 names for "everything that exists", and 22 contain the secret of creation of the universe by God 22 The individual is thus a ruler, which stands in a singular towards those around him, as well as the Most High is distinct from creation.


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