Meaning of destiny number


Meaning of the numbers of destiny

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Tireless hard work and dedication to the task are the characteristics of those who have 1 as the number of fate, if you are patient and willing to fight to the end, you will always get what you want, but it is essential that you prepare carefully, starting with the principle and to learn to sustain yourselves, not to lean on others. Do not stand up to the responsibilities that will come to rest on your shoulders, try instead to establish tactics, methods, judgments independent and autonomous: the first is the number of individualism, and if you want to avoid intrupparvi with others, you must avoid following trails beaten, try not to repeat, and always keep the leading position at all costs, calmly facing intricate situations, obstacles and setbacks.


Your happiness comes from inner peace, calm the mind, the intimate joys and personal responsibility, command functions, authoritarian positions are not for you. Your way is that of diplomacy, tact, courtesy, rather than self-aggressive, so try to get to your goals by using your innate qualities of psychological insight, and your ability to deal with those around you or is associated with your interests. Better able to dominate the environment that surrounds favoring and facilitating development directions already manifested, rather than creating new ones, you should follow, so sure and certain roads, already widely tested, leaving open the way others are. Your mistakes are almost always the result of lack of prudence, on the other hand is your innate quality to be able to identify and correct the mistakes to your advantage by those who preceded you along a certain path.


the natural optimism and a certain nature "solar" allow you to see the bright side of life even when things are darkest, you know that good and evil co-exist necessarily, and accept this fact without mental reservation or hesitation. 3 is the number of self-expression, so you should try to spread around your optimism, good humor and the joy associated with your temperament when you meet a person that is inclined to see the negative side of things no , try to convert it to your point of view by taking a friendly attitude, calm and encouraging, you will find to be a person who is comfortable in the company, which can act as a cohesive force in both groups of friends as in commercial, professional or study. But do not try to impose your will on others openly, would be a mistake as it is an attitude contrary to the nature of the 3, then your destiny: yours is a character that inspires just friendly feelings, and there should therefore remain hidden in a corner.


Your determination to achieve success in life have to be measured against the impossibility of taking shortcuts along the way more difficult and tiring, so your main virtues to be constancy, patience and endurance. Careful to never neglect the details, submit willingly when you need the whole routine inspections, checks necessary for your particular field of activity. The fourth is the number of players, or the sudden fortunes, so avoid the risk, and consider that for you financial success will come more easily through savings and investments safe and prudent, rather than hazards or "shots luck "unexpected. The four works best when it can rely on safe ground: remember that your main quality is the ability to set a sound basis, once this is achieved, be not weary in switching to a new activity, it would be a mistake. Success for the fourth derives from methodical made it safe and is a success, when it occurs, is unshakable.


The number 5 looking in two different directions with the same intensity cautions that must be adapted to the various vicissitudes of life: who owns it as destiny number, you must prepare for rapid changes in scene changes, revolutions unexpected. In contrast to 4, 5 must carefully avoid clinging to a single port, but must follow freely all the changes of environment that concern: usually causing them issues are work-related or business, as a result it is good to learn early that 5 foreign languages and are accustomed to dealing with people of different nationalities on its side, it is possible that the opportunity to be successful just by a sudden transfer. Keep your eyes open and be careful with each new opportunity, any offer or unusual, which requires a change in environment, please groped albeit with prudence dictated by common sense, new roads and businesses originals. The 5 has a knack safe for news of success and at the end you will see that the profit and loss account is largely in surplus, but not fixated on a single task to learn to do two or more things together, and put on show the versatility of the your mind, learn to look at things from many different points of view.
Faced with the difficulties tried all ways to circumvent or overcome them, avoiding to focus only on one point.


The 6 is an indication of artistic talent and aesthetic sense, who can move to the environment in which we live and act, the 6 has the ability to beautify and make it more pleasing his surroundings, and it is this virtue that must especially cultivate. Who is born under its influence must therefore constantly strive to achieve harmony around him, must avoid conflict with family members, business associates, superiors, must escape all working conditions that impinge upon his aesthetic sense , its inner balance, his sense of order. This attitude also applies to the need to maintain social relationships on a level that avoids as much as possible contrasts. 6 is a born diplomat, and to carry out difficult negotiations to reach difficult compromises, is that a person who can make the order and 'harmony around him, and in this capacity lies the key to its success.


7 is the number of intellectualism and depth of thought, also it is the detachment and altruism, then, who has in his date of birth, must cultivate their cultural and moral qualities, from which it will receive more rewards . Try to understand the hidden truths, analyze data and knowledge, provide information and advice are the tasks assigned to 7, which has always been the number of mystics, philosophers and priests. Study and inner enrichment are the signposts along the road to 7, this also means accumulate practical experience, interest in human affairs, try all kinds of stimuli and sensations, then applying all the directives by the life and activity that is chosen. The 7 is not a number that are linked material interests, act as main objective to get rich or to have commercial success would therefore be a mistake, the economic fortune will come instead as a result of culture, knowledge, than you will be studied and learned. Especially the 7 should not forget that its most valuable asset is the intelligence within the limits that nature has given it, so it must put it to good use, enrich it with the cultural and spiritual qualities.


Self discipline and determination are the keys to success in the number 8, which has influence mainly on material things, and indicates acquisition of power through the accumulation of wealth or financial maneuvers. The 8 must therefore groped to maintain good relations with organized groups, business major, administrative offices, his way is that of prosperity, and economic improvements, these must address and must therefore act with the necessary prudence and determination , especially with regard to relations with those who initially able to help in the ascent. Must not get lost in fantasies that are not required, must cultivate the qualities that are the efficiency, capacity Directive, intuition financial and commercial careers typical of the 8 are those that have to do with the banks, with the bag, with the circulation of money, the economy and trade, at every level, so should strive to deepen their knowledge on the mechanisms that regulate the market environment in which they act prepared to face any kind of eventuality.
Must pay particular attention to the choice of collaborators, many of them helped to rise from nothing may prove valuable later support.


On 9 constantly seeking the best of the best and strives to project this aspiration to the environment, is the number of the great reformers, but often forgets that his sign to improve our surroundings must first improve themselves. Tends to formulate projects with very long maturities to see far, to point to targets that others are not even able to see, this can be positive in some cases, but more often than not results in a futile pursuit of an idle dream. And 'essential that 9 is able to temper these impulses too generous and grandiloquent training himself to take a point of view more practical and immediate, it would be good for him to join a solid business, working with humanitarian groups or teams that perform large studio projects by assigning each researcher a specific task and particular, and so on. The 9 is not a number that ads economic success, well-being may be more risky and businesses, the ability with which he does his work, the choices and prudent, the savings invested well.


In the analysis of the number name day we are faced with two "larger numbers" 22 to 11, must be personal insight of who performs the analysis to determine if you need to go and get the sums respectively 4-2 +2 - or 2 - 1 +1 - or stop. This number indicates how many difficult situations to deal with, many subtle opposition to be overcome before they can make their own plans, must therefore cultivate their judgment, enhance the acumen and the ability to survey to see under these maneuvers.
11 Life is often not very varied and multiform, because it is usually people who specialize in certain areas and they achieve the greatest possible success. The routine, however, could prove dangerous as it tends to ignore the promptings of the unconscious, which for 11 are very valuable.


In the analysis of the number name day we are faced with two "larger numbers" 22 to 11, must be personal insight of who performs the analysis to determine if you need to go and get the sums respectively 4-2 +2 - or 2 - 1 +1 - or stop. If you decide that the person does not fit the number 4 but the 22, then it must be advised to apply his skills not common to projects of wide scope and effectiveness beneficial to the whole human race. The 22 is very powerful and qualities that indicate should not be forced within the limits of a normal existence, stifled by problems and difficulties of everyday life: the 22 must learn to think big, think big, suck big. His first goal should be to get in touch with the powerful with those who are able to exert wide influence on things, political organizations, major cultural institutions, business centers, should be the main theater of action of 22 . He is charged with responsibility is therefore incumbent for him to cultivate an idealistic temperament, positive, face to good and improving universal. Its achievement is not measured by the standard of the personnel or the simple interior evolution, but it is a success that brings innovations universal upheaval in politics, economics or culture, this and nothing less, is the goal to which the 22 authentic must strive.

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