How to calculate your name day


Help to calculate your name day.

After giving the value to each letter of their name, you must add the values of the vowels - with each other - and consonants together, you get two numbers - the vowels represent the ideal or soul, while the consonants of the impression that as others see us -: if we add up these two numbers we obtain the number or name day of destiny, but we see a practical example.

Paolo Rossi

The values of the vowels are, from left to right, 1 +6 +6 +6 +9 = 28 which will be further reduced to 2 +8 = 11 (here it is always better to re-add 1 +1 = 2 because it is rare that one has really the number 11 as destiny, then we must also consider other things taken separately or in combination in his name plus the date of birth).
We will proceed with the consonants also getting 7 +3 +9 +1 +1 = 21 = 3.
Add up the two numbers obtained 2 +3 = 5 this number will be our name day, that is what we are entirely in our lives, or how we are perceived and how we behave.

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