Meditative technique of visualization


Meditative technique of visualization

Many people, when told that "must see" remain banned, maybe they think that we need a 40 inch plasma TV, but it is not, in fact, is a characteristic of living beings can see something there, but only human when you try to drive this display in other "realms" ..

When fantasized, eyes closed or open, you are viewing situations exist, but that your mind is not conscious of the difference between "reality" and "fiction", not being guided willingly, resulting in deception of the mind, which convinces that what we think is true when it is not.

We can use this technique to do everything from control of our vices, to control fear, anxiety, nervousness, violent behavior and more, but I would not recommend (I speak of the latter) it is necessary competence of an individual well-prepared.

After being placed in a meditative position (sitting on the Taoist, lying cross-legged) and have reached a sufficient state of relaxation, try to see with the mind the path that makes the air coming into your lungs, filling them up - without anger - and then not being able to reverse path.

This simple display will help to calm the mind as it will be busy so do not disturb you: if the mind has something to do should not be overloaded with nonsense (as that was the beginning of your practice with the basic technique).

The views can be very complex, but it comes to higher levels of meditation, so for the time limit yourself to this.

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