Guide to Meditation technique based


Guide to Meditation technique based

Any position or technique may be fine for those who are beginners in meditation, but you must respect certain rules such as not to put in a position that will block or allow the blood contractures, feel comfortable, wear loose clothing that are not tight, meditate in a quiet place (unplug the phone, the phone, the doorbell), the place must be well ventilated and oxygenated (winter council to air environment for 20 minutes then close and wait for it to warm up a bit ', not use heaters to warm the atmosphere because they burn oxygen first and then it is useless to air) as well as clean.

I prefer to meditate Taoist position in which you sit on a stool or chair that allows the foot to rest on the ground and keep your legs perfectly square with the rest of the body should be without you sit back and just sit with half on it, keeping the back straight and tensions (you learn the right technique alone because it is a work of personal concentration on the body to regain the attention that we have lost the comforts of life).

The chin should be pointed very slightly towards the sternum, and spine to give the feeling of being suspended on a thread that runs through your head and ends in the land.
Now, once you have relaxed, place your hand - if you have not already done - thighs palm down, close your eyes, at least until you get used to keep them open without this noise that surrounds you, and begin to breathe and exhale without forcing it, simply, of course.

The breath control will come in time, you do not force it, let your body and your mind to get used effortlessly, basically you have to do "spiritual marathon," you do not win medals to meditate, but you may risk problems both physical and psychological harm, or if you meditate using techniques that had not been ready to use, so you always care.
Try to empty the mind, and if you continue to feel thoughts that fill my head, just look at them, without judging, without trying to understand where, why, what, how, this is not important, it's just another "trick" of unconscious mind to distract you.

Continue for 15 minutes at first, then you can meditate up to 30 minutes: go for half an hour a day of meditation, it is useless and often counterproductive for those who do not need to do thorough research spiritual, and beginners, as well as those who did not start, do not need them, unless they do so only for the putting on airs (repeat :: do not get medals for those who make more than meditation, or those who remain longer, you do it only for feel better, and must not become a "drug", as one who goes to the gym or do some other activity in a compulsive, not realizing that at that point as well but it does become a problem).

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