Rune meanings Ansuz

Rune Meanings Ansuz

Rune Meaning Ansuz

Name: Ansuz, Ansus.
Sound: a
Symbolic meaning: the power of God, the Creator, the God Odin, the world of the gods, the power of word, the spell.

Ansuz is all the rune of intelligence than previously was the absence of same: it takes directly in connection with the creation, but this time, unlike Fehu, with the magical creation as the demiurge who acts and the multiverse. Matches at the point that, in all traditions, symbolizing the primordial germ, the creative sound, in various esoteric traditions, there are many exercises related to the letter A that allow extend the field of consciousness, reconnect to the innermost part of the multiverse, and free.
This practice provides some powers: invisibility, psychic, dream consciousness, etc, but the aim is not to stop at that point, in fact, the spiritual ascent, is not measured in based on the acquired right.

Ansuz is the rune of knowledge and allows us to understand that there are no boundaries between multiverse and us, it corresponds to the magical power transmitted from generation to generation and that we must find within ourselves. Leads to ecstasy, and its energy is all'ond, the breath, the prana of the Hindus and the Japanese ki, and odhr, inspiration, whose root "or" (Like Odin) means "magic power": the Odhroerir pot in which it was collected Kvasir blood, the wisest man was born from the sputum of all gods, and killed by two dwarfs, refers to the same root. From the mixture of blood and honey flows Kvasir the sacred mead, drinking it and it captures the inspiration and the gift of poetry, which is the power the word: in fact the art of poetry was sacred and possessed magical powers, what our modern era has forgotten. Freeing, Ansuz, frees us from fear of death, in fact, knowledge that allows us to capture, demonstrates the relativity of the world, space and time puts us directly in touch with reality and with the divine part of ourselves.

The Goddess Idun is also linked to this rune, and it holds the secrets of immortality allows the gods to regenerate, releasing from death.
This rune is under the aegis of the god Odin: the first rune we made contact, painfully with parts of ourselves that we did not know, now we realize that we have hurt ourselves once again, we get sick, we lose the sense and meaning, direction, mind reels, the growing fear of going crazy, to be different, to fail, to die.

With Ansuz become acutely aware of our emptiness, and we are willing to receive help, to guide us, is the appearance in our lives, in the bewilderment and pain, a guide capable of understanding us and lead us healthy and alive out of bloody fighting and the wars we are fighting, always, against ourselves and against world.
Ansuz succor is a presence that will cure the wounds it refreshes the mind, gives us a moment peace in the noisy struggle for existence, is the call of the spirit that can manifest in many forms, disguised as a beggar or illness, good or bad luck.

The call always involves a sacrifice, there is no salvation without sacrifice, the price must be paid with their blood, and that's why we hang on the tree cosmic the Yggdrasil: we make choices that conflict with the normal social and feel for this we were crazy, but we always hung, always injured, up to faint, in delirium, the word becomes mute, blind, sound, sight deaf.

Ansuz is a rune literally meaning the God (Aas) and is traditionally linked to Odin, As you said, the lord of the Nordic countries: Odin in Norse Ooin, Anglo-Saxon Woden,
German Wotan, Godan Lombard, is one of the major deities of the Norse pantheon and particular god of war, magic, wisdom and poetry.

The inspiration binds to its specific relationship with the art of poetry, the inspired word and wisdom, while the fury arises in relation to the war, one of the myths tells how he took away the sacred mead to the giants, which makes a poet who drinks it, then it is God's word and poetry, patron of the heat, the ancient Scandinavian poets.
Odin is also the diplomatic strength, the ability to reconcile the parties without having to necessarily resorting to violence.

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