Rune meaning Raido

Rune Meaning Raido

Rune Meaning Raido

Name: Raidho, Raidha, Radh, Reidh.
Sound: r
Symbolic meaning: the sun chariot, the chariot of Thor, the journey.

Raidho is associated with the tank, connected to many traditions in the sun, which represents race: in the north some people worshiped the Goddess Northus, likened to Mother Earth. The priests were making a cult in a forest on an island, where he was ordained a wagon and indoor and was immersed in a lake during large feasts after transported to various places: the cart is the sanctuary and was said to be drawn by heifers - here finds again the symbolism of the cow, but one that has not calved - it is so appearance of the Goddess in her aspect of girl.

The rune represents the vehicle Raidho sacred and research initiation, is the energy that he can allow the inner and outer transformation, is associated with the ritual whose etymology means "Order": the ritual is equivalent to putting order or reorder: repeats the gestures divine, allows to make holy, to induce an energy system and order, provides consistency in all areas, holds then the proportions, the correspondences between the high and low.

As the rune of the trip, is also the rune that connects beings, who thus have the chance to encounter. Raidho is tied to the rhythm of the multiverse, dance, music, the energy spiral which concentrates the force for a predetermined objective, therefore, very useful in magic for this purpose, but also to obtain a result consistent with the divine laws.
With Ansuz we received the call to go on a journey to discover ourselves and what really matters to us in life, we met a guide, we identified One course, now we have to leave for your trip. Raido sweet in the enclosure and hard for those who ride on the highway, the meaning of the poem Runic is obvious ... staying at home is comfortable for everyone, everyone is able to live off of other, family, friends, colleagues, their spouses, is comfortable to be supported. Raido is to go far away from home, from everything we know and are accustomed to attend and not looking back, along new roads, with new companies, new ideas, new places and situations.

Raido is the journey of life begins when we greet our father and mother, ask you to give us their blessing, chee bow respectfully and we turn our backs on them to start looking ahead toward our future, our fate, ched means precisely destination, place of arrival.

His avatar is symbolic Sleipnir, Odin's horse from eight feet, and Yggdrasil, the tree cosmic, just to represent the symbols of life has just been presented, and the movement representing that never stops or even the existence would stop.

Rune Meaning 

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