Rune meaning Wunjo

Rune Meaning Wunjo

Meaning of the Rune WUNJO

Name: Wunjo, Winja, Wynn, Vend.
Sound: w
Symbolic Meaning: joy, ecstasy, Odin, the Way, kinship between human and harmony in the clan, the tribe teaches.

Here is a very important new rune, another connected to Odin, perhaps the rune of Odin / Wodan himself, since it is the initial Wodan / Woden, Wunjo is the rune of joy, encompassing the principles of joy, ecstasy (Wodan is etymologically the god of ecstasy), inner harmony as well as in the clan. It 'a rune very important on which to meditate, because we live in a world that holds a very negative view of life, just look in movies, news, reportage, where everything seems to want to sink into a negative state, to keep us in that state, as if it were indeed caused by the other.

It removes responsibility, while in childhood we should be the joy and to be responsible for that same joy: our subconscious mind is impregnated from an early age, negativity, and this is a rune of the keys of the resurrection of our people and our earth, for working hard on himself, then projecting it onto others, we wake up and our whole being impregnated his energy, making us vibrate in different ways, and then we can shine. In the technical field of magic, Wunjo, allows for harmonizing the actions of two or more runes as of two or more beings who, despite their differences, come together with a common goal, it allows that our desires are fulfilled. For its form Wunjo is also the rune-sign, the sign of Odin's raven, which shows the path of joy, not be forgotten nor neglected.

Wunjo is our inner child, the result of the meeting and within us of our separate parts, is the contact with our selves. The innocent in its meaning archetype represents the spirit, the essence, energy, love takes the form element in the encounter between male and female, through life.
The god Balder, son of Odin and Frigga, it is called the beautiful and its beauty is unmatched among the gods has golden hair and blue eyes Article as the sky, shines with golden rays, by her parents inherited the wisdom and love for nature, is a healer and practice of herbal medicine.

Balder is the embodiment of innocence most immaculate, god of light and joy, his presence dispels the darkness, his word carries health, his eyes are full of enlightened wisdom, however, betrayed by the wickedness of others, Loki in this case .

In all cultures and groups have always existed and always will be shamanic figures who bear the burden of mali clan or group, and work as healers, there is clearly a strong connection between Chiron and the shamanic calling: you know the theme of Scapegoat, the Lamb of God who takes away the sins of the world, is the hero's self-sacrifice, from Prometheus to Odin.

The main task of our life is to discover in us the innermost essence of this inner child understand what he needs, what he had to give and what they want, what are your injuries, his fears, his insecurities and take hand, protect, guide, and at the same time be guided by him.

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