Rune meaning Uruz

Rune Meaning Uruz

Rune Meaning Uruz

Name: Uruz, Urus, Ur.
Sound: u, v
Symbolic meaning: the original force, the original strength and the ox primordial energy fertilizer original, brute force.

Uruz rune is the founder, who finds herself in as root with the prefix Ur-Germanic languages. Expresses the original brute force, the energy in its power not yet formed. And 'linked Audhumbla cow, born from the source of the ice at the beginning of time, licking ice for 3 days, allowed Buri to free (the ancestor of the Gods).

They had a son, Burr, father of the three brothers Odin, Vili and Ve. Audhumbla corresponds to the Great Mother as the other cows in many traditions in India, in Egypt with the cow Ahet, mother of the Sun, in Sumer where its milk is assimilated to the Moon. The cow is also associated with a cloud full of rain, a bit 'like a mother giving birth, and ready to spread on land and crops so that they grow. Uruz is, therefore, the fertilizing power, reassuring, comforting as it provides life: it is also connected to the goddess Eira, under his healing aspect, especially since the latter presides over the sacred science of herbs.

His Galdr - spell - can heal the ground in places where it is needed, allowing even the spirits of a place to settle down, then it also helps against depression, anemia, to transmit it to a living being - including plants and animals, since they too are beings worthy of respect, despite what taught the Catholic religion - can be projected on homeopathic or allopathic to enhance the healing, herbal, and so on. Uruz can take root in a job Magic, it settles and gives it added strength and durability, it also allows a human being to forge roots when they are endangered by circumstances.

If we have experienced with Fehu the bright side of mother nature and actually, with Uruz we must begin to deal with the dark side, because it represents those aspects of life that make us suffer and are beyond our control, which we must learn to deal early.

We are hungry but my mother does not give us food, we are cold, but the mother is not there covers, we are afraid of dying of hunger and cold, and then the mom comes, was out doing firewood, forage for food, but still has time for us.
Uruz is also the archetype of our soul, one governed by animal instincts more difficult to control, the instinct of survival, which generates the fear of dying and at the same time anger, which is the power to react; Uruz is the dark side of our nature and uncontrollable, is the id Freud, the unconscious lower Jung is the Grendel of Beowulf, of Sigurd the dragon, the Minotaur Theseus.

From the bull always arouses admiration and fear for his majesty and his apparent calm ready to turn into a disaster, and this rune represents precisely this animal, tied the cult of the Mother Goddess, and covers not only nutritious and beneficial aspects of nature but also and especially unpredictable and destructive.
From the Latin mater, mother, matter is assimilated to the earth element and is considered by many traditions as sacred and divine element, since it includes the three kingdoms of nature in its mineral, vegetable and animal: the earth is both maternal and nutritious, convenient and concrete, solid and powerful, but can be shaken by the devastating fury of the volcanoes, the disasters, hurricanes, earthquakes, the ground can dry up, crack, melt, can turn into desert, landslide, mud in the river.

A Uruz are connected Beowulf, Loki and Odin, where the former represents a character mythic was deified for his exploits, much like Hercules (or Heracles in greek), the the second was called the "Cosmic terrorist" for his misdeeds and his plans to steal the his brothers Odin's attention.

Loki was a character, the son of Odin indeed been turned to a criminal for his actions not always correct, from which it was saved anyone's mind is lightning guided by the desires not yet purified trying to reach more material goals.

He is the god of cunning, the double play, dell'imbroglio, the power to circumvent the rules, get what you want by any means, so much so that some of his epithets were the rogue, the bully, the shame of the gods, slander of Asi.

Odin, as the supreme god of Valhalla, is the personal unconscious, which is the area of mind is not subject to the rules of rationality and reason, and defies categories mental as good and evil, a before and after, and this is the "world of God," one who has not boundaries no beginning or end, this is the realm of archaic brain that manifests itself dreams, instincts, impulses, symptoms, and we often find ourselves in a position to suffer from the influences unbeknown to us (hence the saying "keep the faith, only God knows his plans").

In this dark area of the psyche includes people who have, mostly children, in somehow the mind has refused and refuses perceived as painful or as a source of shame, let us remember the expulsion from Paradise, and acceptance of themselves and other: if such content is not resolved, ie unearthed and processed by consciousness, can generate a deep pain and an inability to relate properly with reality, called neuroses.

Again Uruz invites us to make contact with those psychic energies trapped unconscious and helps us to express in the world.

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