Rune meaning Tiwaz

Rune Meaning Tiwaz

Meaning of the Rune Tiwaz

Name: Tiwaz, Teiws, Tir / Tiw, Tyr.
Sound: t
Symbolic Meaning: justice, balance, harmony, fidelity, Heavenly Father, the primal father, the pillar and the sky.
Tiwaz rune equilibrium.

The root of the name Tyr is the same gods Zeus and Jupiter, comes from the Sanskrit Dyaus, is a divine archetype, especially the heavenly gods, and is found throughout the Indo-European world.

The God of the Aesir family has saved the world from chaos sacrificing his hand into the jaws of the wolf Fenrir, who threatened to destroy everything. It 's basically a rune of balance, a balance between the antagonistic perhaps, therefore, polarity, because if Tyr symbolizes the perfect order, justice, yet triumphs over Fenrir through deception, to perjury, then you lose a hand; Tyr is also the God of the referee meetings or thing.

It 'was considered a god of war, was invoked in battle and ensured victory, but its symbolism is more complex: it is the archetype of placing order and what is fair, balanced, is the law of world which can not be waived, otherwise the world will be plunged into darkness. The Tiwaz rune is the rune of balance, justice, harmony, balance of all things, which can be used to reestablish itself in the image of his father, the male and consolidation within, restoring its polarity, the balance between left brain and right, it is also useful during a trial, but only when it is right

Tiwaz allows us to bring the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, a rune is strongly Christological, as well as the image of King Arthur gives us a sort of sacred representation of a medieval warrior Jesus surrounded by his twelve disciples, the knights of the Round Table.
Tiwaz is a star, Polaris, which indicates the route to mariners, is represented by an arrow pointing straight to heaven, then, is the Way of Spiritual Growth, the tension towards the distant light that betrays and never disappears.
The truth of the Spirit are already present in every man and should only be brought to consciousness by following a guide, can emerge through an inner journey, ascetic, bearing as the last and highest stage, the ecstasy, the pure contemplation of the divine is reflected in her soul, this is the goal, this means Dagaz, the last rune, the twenty-Druidic alphabet, the Supreme Spirit Realization, enlightenment.

The dream of death defeated by an immortality won by his courage is the foundation of the Nordic concept of Valhalla, the abode of the dead, a legendary haven for the warriors died gloriously in battle: the beams that support the immense palace are made with sharp spears of the most fearless warriors, the roof is then covered with shiny gold shields, interior furnishings are made with the garments of the soldiers who fought his last breath contemptuous of danger.
Only the bravest warriors Einheriar, samples, may exceed one of the 540 gates of Valhalla, grand doors.

The front door is for warriors chosen by Odin himself is in the West, is the Valgrind, a majestic gate is sealed by a magic formula, but Valhalla is not a place of leisure and entertainment, because the samples are training to prepare for supreme and final battle taking place at the end of time, when together with Odin will be called to fight against the dark inhabitants of Muspellheim.

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