Rune meaning Sowilo

Rune Meaning Sowilo

Meaning of the Rune Sowilo

Name Sowilo / Sowelo, Saugil, Sigil, G.
Sound: s
Symbolic Meaning: The sun gear sacred, solar fire, the original fire, power.

The Rune Sowilo encloses the powers and the power of the Sun, it is often symbolized by a wheel, in this case we speak of "sun wheel" because of the rays, however, the wheel is common in many traditions, example, among the Celts, the druids May Ruith she made her wishes with the help of wheels, the God Taranis is called "the God of the wheel", a symbol that is often found on Celtic objects.

The wheel also represents the energetic man, who helps awaken the wheel Sowilo, chakras in the Hindu tradition, the tradition of Nordic hvel. The Sun represents the soul of the world, the strength that allows him to exist and regeneration, is the physical symbol of light that allows all living things to grow remember that thanks to the sun, vitamin D, called vitamin of growth, is synthesized and spiritual light, poached represents the spirit, for example, in astrology. The Sol is the Goddess of the Sun Goddess in the pantheon of German-Scandinavian, was probably more important than the texts reveal, as indeed happens for all the goddesses, but to understand for those living in areas with ice or cold, there the sun can literally save your life ..

The sun wheel is what returns, the cycles, the start, is linked to fylfot axis, the axis and what surrounds it, is the symbol of the liberated man, the man who has found his centroe that does not away from it.

Sowilo fire is not extinguished, and in this sense represents the lightning than the Sun, therefore, is a terrifying force, electricity, the sun has descended to earth to bring knowledge, the original fire, in fact, originally, the man who the fire had possessed the power, while the store, was the task of the shaman.
Sowilo rune of light and power is associated with Heimdall, who holds all the deities of aett Hagal and expresses itself in all its fullness of light.
Heimdall is the guardian of Bifrost, the rainbow or flickering street that leads to the citadel divine, to the outer limits of the sky, surrounded by a dazzling light, stands Himinbjorg, upstream of the sky, the abode of Heimdafir, the white god.

The white god has a sensitive ear, can hear the grass grow meadows and the wool of sheep, he had received this portentous heard by giving up one of his ears, and burying it under recidendola the sacred ash across the universe, that the analogy with Odin sacrificed his eye to get the vision of the runes, in both cases the sacrifice is not a real physical sacrifice, and mentally.

In this regard, one can speak of Jung, Swiss psychiatrist Protestant, who had spiritual and esoteric interests, it was natural medium and his theory of the psyche is not just about mental illness but the whole of human evolution, not only practiced therapy but also experimented on himself altered states of consciousness, in contrast to Freud who was also a cocaine addict, but please do not do drugs for certain research.

Jung describes the ideal human life as a work of art is increasingly oriented toward the spiritual dimension, in which all potential occur gradually, radiating a great design that is the purpose of life: if, for Freud the man was suffering from sexual problems for the pain arose from Jung's inner conflicts and spiritual and had to be helped to deploy its interiority, and undoped as psychiatrists who will then follow in the footsteps of Freud.
As a psychiatrist, Jung, found as the misery was due to the removal of the spiritual dimension, which is the need to find meaning in life.

Rune Meaning

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