Rune meaning Perthro

Rune Meaning Perthro

Meaning of the Rune Perthro

Name: Perthro, Pairthra, Peordh.
Sound: p
Symbolic Meaning: dell'Orlog indicator, the lot, the original laws, divination to know the laws of the Wyrd, matrix, childbirth.

The Rune Perthro was and still is one of the runes are more difficult to interpret, is related to the high destiny of its laws, can enter into relations with the Norns (Fates and the equivalent elle elle Moire in the Nordic tradition).

This is not predestination but of laws which they obey a principle of causality, this is a function of what it was: there is a part of fate that can not be changed and the gods themselves are subject to it, and another part over which we exercise free will, in which we can change the course of events by working on ourselves.
Perthro is a rune of birth, both the physical and spiritual or magical in this way follows the Rune Berkana, which represents the birth of the child while Perthra liberation, in fact, this is useful when the parties.

It refers to the Great Goddess in her form matrix, reflecting the timeless, which contains the birth, so it is a symbol of spiritual regeneration: the magical plane can transform something, an event, an idea in a magic act, So is the founder Rune, giving rise indicating a direction, a direction, then it is up to each of us to know how to make the right choice.

With Perthro we are to reckon with the valence female initiation, death and regeneration, ie the piece together, at the place and time, uterine and breast of the Cult of the Mysteries.
There are many myths in which we find the theme of the maiden sacrificed to a monster, a dragon or an evil spirit, a union that expresses hierosgamos, where marriage is still a mystery but a mystery of death.

The mystery man is linked with the heroic struggle against evil, with the defeat of the dragon or the conquest of the Treasury, as with Siegfried and Beowulf, the primordial feminine mysteries are essentially tied to the mysteries of birth and rebirth, in both cases, the journey in the beyond the grave, the fight with the dragon, hierosgamos and resurrection and rebirth, are always reasons archetypes that recur in myths and fairy tales, the latter often written by initiates, as they represent the worship center of a mystery cult.

Frigg or Frigga is the wife of Odin, also called the lady of the sky or lady of the gods, shares with her husband the seat Hlindskialf and has at its disposal a splendid mansion Fensalir, one of the regions of Asgard.
The origin of the word Fry and the hooks are found in many northern cultures, as in the Swedish word fria, a candidate for marriage, or nell'islandese frjà it means to love, Frigga is also related to the Sanskrit word, which appears priya definition which means wife.
Wrapped in her mantle of the Lady of hawk feathers can fly through the sky, also has the power of clairvoyance.

On Friday, the day was anciently dedicated to the goddess Frigga is the celebration of weddings and fruitful union of the married couple, then one of the aims as the deity, was to assist couples, helping barren women and those still alien to the acts of love.

In addition, the goddess assisting women in labor trying to limit the pain and suffering, the same goddess by the god Loki has been accused of being a nymphomaniac, an adulterous and had consumed an incestuous relationship with the two brothers Odin, Vili and Ve .
The deer, the bear and the cave, the valley and the mountains, the forest, the cauldron of rebirth, are all symbols of the Mysteries of Worship.

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