Rune meaning Othala

Rune meaning Othala

Meaning of the Rune Othala

Name: Othala, Othal, Ethel, Odhal.
Sound: or
Symbolic Meaning: hereditary property, closed property that interacts with its environment.

Othala the rune of the family

The Rune Othala presides over fences, ie the places invarcabili for him who has not received the necessary initiations, then contains a notion of sacredness, that of the temple, in this case the Nordic pagan temple, which protects and strengthens, the sacredness of his function.

The ancient world was based on the tripartite every creature had its place and its function, without a sense of hierarchy: the priestly, warrior function and the function producer, the same phenomenon is found in the Caste.

Othala is very useful when we seek our role in society.
It 'also related to real estate as a center of a clan in the Frisian language is called eeyen-eerde, "land", or "his estate". This rune is protecting our home and allows one to find one if we are looking for, brings prosperity and wealth, is naturally associated with the legacy of our ancestors, to their soul allows us to protect us and to gather their knowledge.

And 'the rune of the eagle and the nobility.

Othala is the conclusion of an earthly cycle, that began with the rune Fehu representing the basic equipment with which I come to the world, the wealth and property that I come from the family at the time of birth: with or Othala Othila, we closed circle, the next rune is Dagaz, the last, which represents the full realization of all existence through the enlightenment, the final separation from attachments freedom from the passions that make it so hard and heavy the way in this life.

With runa Othala is to get in touch with our roots, with the power that comes from the past, a legacy not only physical, genetic one, not only material, but also a legacy of information that passes from one generation to ' other as through a wireless telegraph, everything that our ancestors did or did not live through us, enters our life, that of our children.

The forgotten dead, the loves experienced, the goodbyes no data, weigh the offspring and accumulate grief of bereavement, imprisoning the souls with heavy constraints and failure to surrender, otherwise if you made the liberation of inner growth, then Othala can be fully rune of wealth and abundance, the acquisition of goods and benefits from our ancestors.

The pedigree of the family intended as a soul, or unconscious family reflects all more or less dramatic experiences lived by members of our family of origin, where each member who has been excluded tends to recur in the form of suffering and then once Once the symptom.
After passing the individual must be aware dell'avvenuto passage through a genuine process of self mourning and separation, this awareness can be instantly or after several days or centuries or millennia.

As soon as the individual becomes aware of processing begin to take shape the foundations of the next change, namely the new revival, but here I prefer to refer the reader to link responsible for explaining the world beyond.

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