Rune meaning Naudhiz

Rune Meaning Naudhiz

Meaning of the Rune NAUDHIZ

Name: Naudhiz, Nauths, Nyd, Naudh.
Sound: No
Symbolic Meaning: the vital fire, the fire of necessity, fate, the relief of discomfort, constriction.

Naudhiz is still a rune of fire, but is very different from the other two main igneous runes, Kenaz Sowilo and, in fact, while the first is the light, the fire extinguished which advances, and Sowilo is the natural fire, often devastating, Naudhiz is the fire that makes survival that prevents falling. The fire is what you need in the Middle Ages was fed at all costs when the towns were quarantined.

It is the fire of life, between two runes of ice Hagalaz, hail, and Isa, the ice itself. Naudhiz, represents the individual and collective destiny of living beings; the terms of necessity and compulsion should not be regarded as something oppressive, is an absolute necessity, one that can not be, this corresponds to the laws of the multiverse, which support us and from the past. The terms and Orlog Wyrd, which translates to "destiny" with the peoples of the North does not imply a fatalistic notion and desperate - as opposed to the Christian culture - the two terms actually mean "original basis", ie the basic root. After the germ rune, the rune Hagalaz mother, Naudhiz is the rune of the development of what was the germ of what was engrammato - according to some scholars, the engram, memory trace is localized in nervous tissue - the pressing need, But contemplating having consciousness and frees you from it, we must not pretend not to see and get away with what you have to live, but rather examine it and draw the conclusions necessary to work effectively on himself.

That need is linked to the unconscious, as some acts, events and reactions are caused by what we retain in the depths of ourselves, making emergence we get rid of and then we can begin a true spiritual ascension: the design represents two branches that serve to light the fire, it is the spark that awakens the vital fire. Naudhiz helps neutralize what attacks us, particularly in the magical, blocking the road to aggression or opposing a resistance force.

If Hagalaz represents death, is characterized by pain Nauthiz denied, not allowed, not expressed, is the anguish, the loss before the emptiness, the meaninglessness of existence, represents the forces that break and destroy any scheme, the rebellion death, their own or another's end.
Nauthiz is sorrow and pain only if I run away from the pain of death, mourning if I live to the end the pain of loss, the pain will fade gradually and progressively I feel reborn.
If you do not allow myself the fear and pain of death I can not fully enjoy life.

The nine worlds exist together constitute a unique diversified reality, there is Asgard, the abode of the Gods and there Hel (hence our name Hell English), the kingdom of the dead, there's the bright realm of the elves that of the dark elves, once again is up to us to choose which world to live.

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