Rune meaning Laguz

Rune Meaning Laguz

Meaning of the Rune Laguz

Name: Laguz, Lagus, Lagu, logr.
Symbolic Meaning: the primordial waters, the vital energy, organic growth.

Laguz rune water, Ocean, sea.

Laguz represents the life force from the point of water, in the world where Uruz represents the life energy from the point of land: the word "lake" and "lagoon" have a relationship with this root. Water is the source of all things, is the poster that is not a seed, fertility and fecundity for excellence, liquid carry life - in addition to water, blood, semen - and mythology Nordic Audhumbla the cow, licking the ice so free Buri, the ancestor of the Gods.

It 's significant that this rune in Germanic has two names, the second name is Laukaz, is related to the leek (and onion), two highly related to water bulbs, as well as having healing powers: both purify the body, the fibers carry away toxins and antiseptics, their alkali salts enhance the vitality. The rune is a powerful aid in all processes of growth and fertility, both at the physical level to ensure that a magical level, allows thinning of the situations, the lifting of closures, the strengthening of its magical potential.
With the rune Laguz can now tap into the Cosmic Consciousness City, the shape of the rune seems to latch on to something that is above and then flows, rushes down like a waterfall.

Laguz is the rune of water, as I said before, intuition, sensitivity, telepathy, clairvoyance, which are nothing if not linked to another right cerebral hemisphere, the right one, which contains the functions of art, synthetic, symbolic.
The connection with the conscious field that occurs when plachiamo chatter of the mind and enter into a meditative state, where personal thoughts flow and disappear and where ever pass information from the Universal Mind.

The Collective Consciousness knows the past, present and future of humanity, is the head of the giant Mimir, the custodian of cosmic wisdom, that Odin always carries with him as severed and who asks for advice, Odin is the fact with the knowledge, the runes are his gift to bring knowledge to men, a bit 'as he did when Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humans.

Jung called archetypes of the unconscious supporting structural members that they correspond to structural elements of the human collective, considering real psychic organs by the operation of which depends on the individual's health and injury which may give rise to disturbances and physical symptoms or mental.

Even Erich Neumann, a physician and philosopher, student of Jung, the archetype is a mental image that acts internally on the human psyche by making a gradual change of personality just like biological structures promote the metabolism and physical development.

Rune Meaning

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