Rune meaning- Jera

Rune Meaning Jera

Meaning of the Rune Jera

Name: Jera, Jer, Jer, Ar.
Sound: j palatalized (pronounced Jera Iera).
Symbolic Meaning: The cycle of life, the cycle of the sun, the eternal return, the union of heaven and earth.

Jera is a rune very dynamic, so that if he follows, Eihwaz, to anchor, could dislodge completely.

So the twelfth and thirteenth rune come together to form the Fylfot traditional Tibetan dorje and the Hindus call the swastika. It has the form of two interpenetrating runes and complete to provide even more creativity to someone or to give greater force to an action, it is the rune par excellence of the winter solstice - Christmas for Catholics - indeed it is called Jul, such as the solstice festival called Jule. Jera is the rune as the twelfth month of the year are 12, and the period of Jul solstice lasts 12 days, in a nutshell that alleged to have premonitions of what will the 12 months to come: this time it is fundamental to the peoples of Europe, since all the symbolism of Christmas and the nativity comes with it.

It 'a period between the world of the dead and our own, because after the 1st of November, the date of Samhain, they come back and visit us: it is also the longest night of the year at which time the god Wotan runs Hunt escorted from the heavens. It 'a period of renewal and rebirth, where the cycle begins again the sacred, favorable to start new things out, launching into new businesses or start an inside job: the solstices are points of passage and the ascending phase of the Sun during the first months year can be compared to the ascending phase of the Moon during the middle of a month is a period of expansion of oneself and one's field of consciousness, while the lowering of the light is more conducive to a work of "storage" of consolidation of experience and at the same time it is a phase of initiation death, helping to expel, at the end of the year, all that you do not want more, getting rid of the demons and disease, purifying everything. Jera used in magic in the direction of travel of the Sun causes an increase, while, conversely, a downturn: this is a rune of peace, prosperity and freedom

After understanding that the intimate nature of reality is the void, now you can return to live with a new awareness, you can resume a new cycle, through life, death becomes a friend, a faithful ally, there ' nothing is more vital awareness of death.

Having accepted the death of our body we can begin to glimpse our soul and its immortality, the seed buried in the ground will sprout in spring and bear fruit in summer.
Jera means one year and not only tells us that everything has a beginning has also an end in an eternal cycle, and that every living being shares in this cyclicality.
The Vedic philosophy teaches that all activities and their reactions are subject to a universal law called Karma, where every living being is responsible for each action, reap what you sow.

Symptoms of wealth is good karma, good culture and beauty while a negative Karma is characterized by disease, poverty, ignorance and physical deformities, even if taken on these concepts as they are not very well, since there are exceptions to the rule, it can also happen that a human being born again placed in a disadvantaged situation to deal with tests that will help him to grow further or to burn bad karma that blocks the ascent, however, I wanted to bring the theory of Karma is described as by the Hindus.

In part, Karma, is the set of experiences and loads of character linked to the DNA that each of us carries inside that is activated only when the right opportunities exist for life if the person be unable to solve, but really only driving away in his unconscious karmic cause, the problem, then he / she will free his descendants from that kind of fate, even if his relatives are not connected to the mental body, their DNA will receive improved cellular communication through nothing other is that a kind of telepathy.

Together with the Dharma Karma exists, which means support, training, which is the eternal rule of nature, the cosmic and personal as that of individual behavior rules to live by following the Dharma means going back to our true nature and bring this in harmony with the universal Dharma which is the very essence of spirituality.

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