Rune meaning Isa

Rune Meaning Isa

Meaning of the Rune ISA

Name: Isa, Eis, Is, Iss.
Symbolic meaning: ice, motionless, static force, matter / antimatter original.

For its shape and its symbolism, the ice of Isa rune represents the anti-movement par excellence, is not it a rune dynamic, but static incarnate: his straight and vertical glyph, that translates well kind of energy, condensing and holding, allowing control over others but also, and is undoubtedly the most important of themselves, representing the total self-mastery. Corrects a temperament too nervous and impatient, calm the frenzy of the beings that sovracompensano and waste energy, you can control your energy, storing it within himself, which is very useful during a ritual, because it is available for it and ensure effectiveness of much greater. Isa allows you to control the uninterrupted flow of thoughts, development of power concentration in all fields, strengthens the will, if the mind is silent magical power is increased, the will is directed towards a specific purpose and are not the views or galdrar most drowned in a wave of thoughts.

And 'the rune and this strengthens the appeal of "self", where it is about being fully present here and now.
There are some who are not resigned to the loss and continue to live, but it is as if dead, are off, have given up living a slow death and rebirth, made of regrets, lamentations and guilt, others die soon after let your loved one, how to follow his destiny.

Isa is ice in the winter, the apparent end of everything, blocking, freezing, but in reality under the ice of winter life pulsates, the seeds sprout, Spring is prepared, ready to occupy the land of new green vegetation, ready for a new cycle.
Isa What we want to say is that basically there is no death, is part of life, it is very important and imperative, the Buddha defines "impermanence", the transient state that characterizes every being.

Isa is also connected with the first world Niflheim, the land of fog, frost, ice and darkness, which is the lowest place and it is precisely where the kingdom of the dead.
In Norse mythology, Hel is the goddess of the underworld in fact, the daughter of Loki, the god of deception and Angrboda, a giantess, when he learned that the evil Loki, Odin had banished her daughter in the most remote corner of creation, why did the least damage as possible, we are told that when the daughter of Loki was the world for the first time the disease hit the human race.

Hel rarely goes out on the ground but when he does, brings disease and death, passes through the streets and people suddenly become ill, if they sweep the road with a rake will be survivors, but if by a broom will all die.
Some traits of the goddess have suggested to several scholars relate it to Parvati or Kali-Persephone, or again, Hecate.

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