Rune meaning Hagalaz

Rune Meaning Hagalaz

Meaning of the Rune Hagalaz

Name: Hagalaz, Hagl, Haegl, Hagall.
Sound: h
Symbolic meaning: radiation, primordial seed, egg ice primordial archetype of the seed cosmic archetype.

The form of Hagal, is the oldest, but its most common form, especially in architecture and symbolism,  " It is said that if it is represented in a solid or grid form, its structure can be traced all the runes, but if only for its location, it is crucial, since it is the ninth rune futhark to 24 signs, and 9 is a sacred number in all traditions, as in China where it represents the number of fullness, which is easy to conceive because the Chinese do not count but 9 7 energy centers chakras, whose awakening leads to liberation, ecstasy.

The Chinese imperial throne has 9 degrees and the skies are 9 and 9 are opposed to the sources where lie the dead; IKL Buddhism also has 9 skies; Siberian shamans are 9 notches on the shaft of which are used for their rituals, the northern tradition worlds are 9, the man also has 9 energy centers. The god Odin hung spent 9 nights at the Yggdrasil tree / cosmic axis to acquire the runes, the God Heimdall was born 9 sisters; a biological child of a pregnancy lasts 9 months and the number 9 is therefore essential that it operates a birth, so a new cycle begins. A magic formula spread indicates again the importance of the number 9: "By the power of 3 times 3." The hailstone is the egg of ice that has allowed the world to exist, since it contained the seed of the giant Ymir - perhaps an ancestral memory of the arrival of life on Earth by the impact of a meteorite ice, melting, released proteins, the basis of life, who composed everything that is organic, perspiring, gave birth to a man and a woman.

He himself was born from the clash between ice and fire, then, Hagalaz, par excellence is the seed, contains the mystery of existence and multiplicity, since the egg contains all the elements in a nutshell, is a symbol of resurrection and future the absolute model for others, bound as it is the eternal return: it should be noted that the French ambulances are equipped with the symbol drawn in the form of snowflakes.

The Rune Hagalaz, reiligioso is a powerful symbol, a sign of protection and spiritual fulfillment, this, indeed, in the architecture of cathedrals in the form of rosette. Hagalaz is a major rune of Wyrd as fate carries in itself the elements of past and future, on the biological contains the genetic code of all being and connects him to his ancestors. The hail has a destructive power, the power needed to rebirth again we perceive that the dominant principle concerning the Runes is the polarity.

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