Rune meaning Gebo

Rune Meaning Gebo

Meaning of the Rune GEBO

Name: Gebo, Giba, Gyfu, Gipt.
Sound: hard g
Symbolic meaning: the gift (in exchange for another gift), the exchange on all levels and the interaction of two forces, the sacred seal.

Here is a rune often overlooked by modern runisti, however, one of the most important, is the rune of the Gift, and the gift of self, the sacrifice is the very basis of the work and ethics of the North is the sacrifice for the benefit of their community, symbolized by the story that Tyr sacrificed his hand, or Odin sacrificed his eye, even his son Balder gives his own life, and so on. But the gift is considered by this rune must be considered at every level, are the gifts that the gods do to men when they turn to them, they are also the cheapest, signs of love and self-giving that they give to the gods .

The gift of self is very important, not in the Christian sense that implies sacrifice, pain and suffering, but self-forgetfulness, that's ego to merge with the Godhead. This fusion leads to liberation, ecstasy, joy supreme, however below is the rune Wunjo, that of joy par excellence, and here the process is clear. Gebo is the exchange: in traditional societies every gift it meant a return.

On a personal level Gebo symbolizes the meeting between two beings, whether the exchange of love, affection, friendship and even commercial, it does not matter, in which action rules the goddess who presides Gefjon this rune. Its name means "the giver", "generous" the gift is a sacred process, that in our welfare society we have forgotten, because the gratuity and an injury is an illusion, since it means that the recipient is incapable of giving itself, and in so doing, loses a part of their dignity as human beings. You can use the rune Gebo when you want to establish or reestablish communication between the beings, it is calming and restores harmony when two people can no longer understand each other, remove the barriers that are erected and the animosity that can result.

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