Rune meaning Fehu


Rune Meaning Fehu

Rune Meaning Fehu

Name according to the tradition: Fehu, Faihu, Feoh, Fe
Meaning: livestock, real estate, silver
Sound: f
Symbolic sense: both material wealth and spiritual power, energy it collects cosmic, primordial cow / creative power.

First Rune Futhark, Fehu is at first a rune that evokes the creation and procreation, as it marks the beginning of everything. Corresponds to an energy not yet amply: rune of creation, in this sense is linked to Muspellheim, cosmic fire in its process of action.

Since Fehu is the beginning of all things, marks the beginning of new cycles and it is through it that is the eternal return. The translation of his name showing well that is the rune of wealth, livestock, it receives and allows you to deploy, allows you to load the objects of energy. This is indeed the logic in a world where wealth is measured in number of cattle owned, but we must not only follow to this aspect. It is a rune of opening, in the case of self-disclosure; symbolizes the spiritual abundance, the originally put in touch with the world of the Gods, the beginning expansion of consciousness, is the image of the wheat was sown and begins to germinate. And 'the position of the priest-magician who expects and receives the Gods: Fehu allows grow physically and spiritually.

Fehu This is a place in the collective imagination, a time and a place of peace permeated and serenity, abundance and harmony, perhaps the memory of that stage in which an archetype for nine months we were in the womb, rocked, fed, half-asleep, in a total union with his mother.

Search for new union with Mother Earth, maybe this is the light which awaits us at the end of the road for the twenty fourth rune, where we will finally have regained our soul: first everything is empty, nothing cosmic, then the earth, a womb in which precipitated inevitably, at the time of conception.
Nothingness is the lack of space, time, shape, suffering, identity, there is simply not we are and then suddenly there we were, small cell begins to grow and as time passes, there.

The images you create are Fehu bucolic: valleys, forests, rivers, pastures, cows, sheep, goats, all ready to be milked, ready to offer food and warmth, then plowed or plowed fields, fruits, ripe or seize, Fehu is the warmth of Spring, Summer, with fields of wheat, full of ears of corn, is a short-lived childhood, an innocence that soon vanish, as the short northern summer.

This rune belong Freya and Freyr, two of the first of which belongs to the family of Rooms, is the goddess of beauty. Of love, fertility, seduction, war and expert in the arts of magic seidhr, including the art of divination, the healing, ecstasy, knows every secret of nature, with its arts seer knows future of the universe and is the patron and guide of witches and soothsayers.

The second, Freyr, and his sister Freya holds the rune Fehu and the first family of runes or Aetir: he is the son of Njord, the god of the sea, belongs to the lineage of the rooms connected with the cult of nature and fertility, to the cycles of nature and events, his mistress is her sister. Freyr is related to water and the sea, his ship is the magic Skidbladnir, fast and lightweight travels toward the goal in a few moments and which can be folded and stowed in a pocket, possesses also a magic sword that can fight alone, which increases the power of the warrior that wields, assuring the victory.

Noble and brave, and is associated with summer sunlight, fertility god of nature, fields, animals, human beings, his sacred animal was the boar and the horse, symbols of the reproductive force. The extraction of this rune requires a careful consideration of the concept of wealth, prosperity, abundance and happiness: what it is for us, as we understand, as we realize, how we relate to it.

The wealth does not only depend on a quantity of goods and money, but rather that we use I do, the meaning we ascribe to life, wealth, ie availability of a deeper inner wealth, wealth accumulation does not mean, possession, greed, control, the key concept of this rune is GENEROSITY.

If you pull down, of course, its meaning changes polarity, and will represent the opposite of its meaning to be straight.

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