Rune meaning Dagaz

Rune meaning dagaz

Rune Dagaz

Name: Dagaz, Dags, Daeg, Dagr.
Sound: d or th as in "the"
Symbolic Meaning: light of day, the balance between night and day, the eternal return differently.

Dagaz represents the light of dawn and dusk, so it is linked to the renewal and hope, dawn and dusk are the time suspended the great revivals are preceded by a twilight, you think that the gods before the return of the Age Gold.

In reality, "Twilight of the Gods" is not quite correct since Ragnarok translates as "Consummation of the powers of fate." Four moments characterize that moment, a very hard winter, a fire that destroys the outer world, the disappearance of the Earth in the ocean, swallowing up the sun by the wolf Fenrir is perhaps the description of the end of our solar system with the transformation in dwarf and then a black hole, here is the wolf that devours everything, that will destroy the planet and then be reborn a purified world.
Dagaz conceals the secret of time intervals, and has the function to prevent harmful effects to enter or evil spirits, also allows the psychic invisibility.

Dagz is a new day, new age, characterized by openness towards the body, wellness, balanced sexuality, nature, relationships, global communications, ecology, environment, saving energy.
In the Nordic religious value system is based on so-called "Nine Noble virtues": courage, truth, honor, loyalty, discipline, hospitality, industriousness, self-esteem and perseverance.
The path of the runes faithfully reflects these principles, that belong in a natural way to Indo-European people, it is interesting to note here that it matches the Vedic culture and in particular with the four truths proclaimed by the Buddha as a viaticum for lighting.

Aesir gods live in a land called Asaheim, on the top of the world, there live the fortress of Asgard, where, among beautiful buildings and magnificent temples, living with their families and their children, dominating the world and the destiny of human beings.
At the edge of Asgard, near Bifrost, flickering away, the rainbow that connects the town to the divine world of mortals stands Himinbjorg, mountain of heaven, the residence of the guardian who was responsible for the supervision of divine possessions: Heimdall.

Gimle from Norse place under cover of fire, is a building of God, a sanctuary located on the highest point of Asgard, described as a bright spot, with the ceiling covered with gold, and it is here that humanity will take refuge after Ragnarok ( between chaos and war), when the world will be destroyed by fire.

Rune Meaning

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