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MEANInG of the Rune Mannaz

Name: Mannaz, Manna, Mann, Madhr.
Sound: m
Symbolic meaning: The divine ancestor, the man.

This rune represents the bond between humans and gods, for they are descended from the gods but I have forgotten, because the deity is hidden inside them. It also symbolizes the primordial androgyne, which in turn represents the cosmic egg, a state of perfect unity that we must win: you can also pull Mannaz the root "man", which later gave rise to words such as "monthly", "menstrual "," month ", etc., in addition to Mani, the Moon.

It 'a symbol of eternal return, the transition between different states, especially from life to death in the past, the Moon, was used to measure time. It also represents the world of dreams, the unconscious, processing, corresponds to the magic more horizontal than vertical as opposed to the Sun

The Rune Mannaz has several functions: to develop memory and their potential, help during exams, it helps to balance the masculine and feminine poles in a living being and to rediscover the divine structure that go in each one of us. Mannaz is the rune of social integration, but also a kind of rune of concealment, as is the man or the appearance of man: it must help to ask the question: "Faced with myself I'm a real man or I play a role? ".

The Rune Mannaz is the symbol of the individual immersed in society, reason, intelligence, social structure and evolution of planetary consciousness, a concept that could be well represented by the words of Terence, Latin philosopher: "Homo sum et nihili humanum me alienum puto ", ie they are a man nothing that concerns man I consider alien to me.
The Indo-European root is mannda where German and English as mann, man; Mannaz is the mark of man and the human race connected with the mythical ancestor Mannus, generated dall'androgino primordial Twisto.

The glyph Mannaz gives us an image of two runes Wunjo arranged mirror, it is man made, in contact with itself and with its Puer Aeternus, which is recognized in other men and recognizes a common belonging to humanity, seem even two human beings in profile, face to face in a mirror.

Mannaz asks us to come into contact with the heart of humanity and overcome all barriers and distinctions, to share the joy of life with our fellow man, to break down the walls that separate us, to meet and recognize each other as brothers.

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