Rune meaning Ehwaz

Rune Meaning Ehwaz

Meaning of the Rune Ehwaz

Name: Ehwaz, Aihws, Eh, IOR.
Sound: and
Symbolic Meaning: The horse as a vehicle of the soul in the other worlds, the divine twins, the union, marriage, the hero twins.
Ehwaz the rune union.

The Rune Ehwaz evokes a reflex, is the rune of the union, is tied to the horse and the twins, or better, than the horse itself, the harmony between horse and rider: the mythologies involving the twins, we take the ' example of Hindu mythology and Ashvini, Gods twins with the horse's head.

The word means ashva "penetrating" and those gods are healers, since they know the secrets of plants, even heroes heal from their wounds, have been married to the daughter of the Sun and their parents have the knowledge and the law of perfection.

Knowledge has indeed the form of a mare: they are young, benevolent, and invokes their protection during the marriage rites. In the Nordic tradition there are twins whose name is Moose, which correspond to the Dioscuri, and probably also in the shape of a horse: the twins are a symbol of the divine and sacred, nothing can separate them, are almost a single person, as the symbolism of the horse is tied to shamanism as a vehicle between the worlds, in particular between our and the lower ones. The horse represents the spiritual quest and this feature appears in the cavalry, it also marks the poetic inspiration and helps to kill Bellerophon Chimera: German-Scandinavian mythology, Sleipnir is the eight-legged horse of Odin.

The Rune Ehwaz therefore, has several functions: it serves as a vehicle to travel between worlds, you can appeal it to travel outside the physical body or the everyday, increases the rapidity in every field, serves to sanctify the ties between two people - brothers, sisters, spouses, etc. - tying them in fidelity.
The Rune Ehwaz represents a horse but other than that represented by Raido, which presupposes a knight, the act of riding and driving, possibly learn to direct the exuberance of the instincts, ride on earth, while Eiwaz means horse racing in world of ecstasy, the shaman, and others that can not be Sleipnir, the magical steed from eight feet, capable of carrying through all levels of consciousness, from hell to heaven, is the Yggdrasil, the horse's mystical YGG, Odin, uniting heaven and earth, has its roots in the past, present and grows out into the future.

In Ehwaz glyph are two rune Laguz mirror, feeling, emotion, empathy, the cosmic flow of the partners meet and are reflected in the union, in the report, and here is a clear reference to the sexual magic, with all its ecstatic techniques.
Falling in love and sexuality are both an emotional and physical experiences more intense and motivating the human being is able to prove and which continues to research, although often, almost always tell the truth, not I deeply understand the meaning.
Tantra is a complex and fascinating philosophy that aims to bring the individual to liberation from the darkness, contrary to religions that are degrading and abominiano sexuality, and grief, through the joyful celebration of the sacredness of life in all its aspects, free it from preconceptions and conditionings.
I hope to be able to open a site directly connected to this topic.

The cosmic ecstasy of Tantra is not only a prolonged orgasm, is to open your senses, heart, mind and spirit, life and enjoy the pleasure, enjoyment, play, is to abolish the strict prohibitions of the rules of morality , feelings of guilt and all that the rational mind uses to control, subjugate inhibit and reduce our life in a grim and unnecessary schematism.

But it is also true that the couple's relationship is one of the areas where we have more to deal with ourselves and with each other, because the intimacy and depth of the relationship of love sometimes shows a part of ourselves unknown and mysterious , sometimes incomprehensible, made of unmet needs and desires unrealistic, projection and idealisation, escape mechanisms and defense, of aspirations, to be satisfied and nourished by the partner with all sorts of material and spiritual, in a report reminding than that of a parent and a child between two beings who aspire to become full adults.

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