Rune meaning Berkana

Rune Meaning Berkana

The meaning of the Rune Berkana

Name: Berkano / Berkana, Bairkan, Beorc, Bjarkan.
Sound: b
Symbolic Meaning: The Earth Mother, the cosmic pillar in his woman's face, the breasts of the earth, the matrix.

The Rune Berkana is the rune of the feminine principle Tywaz, are both indispensable to the world, represented by Birch in shamanic rituals, where they are 7, 9, 12 tabs, used to communicate with the spirits and to visit the different worlds. The birch is both a symbol of ascension to the higher worlds and fall in the lower worlds, those of the spirits "evil", represents the cycle of life-death-rebirth, and in this Berkana represents fertility, childbirth and also the Goddess Hel, guardian of the dead, the latter not had that terrifying that Christians have given it, making it the guardian of hell, but we must reconsider the whole issue of death. In reality it is the unknown that seems terrible, and Christians are very much related to the material from which they have a tremendous fear staccarvisi ..

The Berkana rune helps to mature the projects, to give birth, hides the hidden power of words, their meaning beyond the mere intellectual understanding, and pure expression helps to rebuild within him the image of the Mother.

If Tiwaz is the Logos, the Great Father, the parent archetype, Berkana is Eros, the Great Mother, the mystery of birth, the World Soul.
Living image of the goddess, like the moon, she waxes and wanes from adolescence to senility, in an eternal cycle and interrupted the girl becomes a mother-moon-rising full-moon-and-moon-old finally waning, just as in created by modern Wicca Satanism, this time to do some 'information: Lavei was created by, a great expert on Satanism, a revival of ancient pagan activities, which distaccassero by "beliefs" Catholic.
Berkana is the flow of water inside the female body becomes the cycle turns, it makes blood and milk, is intelligence and consciousness of the earth, Gaia, the Living Planet, the Cosmic Womb.

The far north to the edge of its ice, is the kingdom of the birch, the word Birke, who calls it in German, takes its origins from the Celtic Berchta, brilliant, underlining the strong impression that the plant emits.
The trunk with its bark silvery, mottled by streaks of black layers emerging, appears as a column that links the dark earth where the roots, with her hair light stretching towards the sky.

In times of famine the presence of salts, flavoring and sugar meant that the flour of the peel is aggiungesse processing of bread, pure albumin, which feeds on the foliage, is a potent stimulus for the activity of the system parts, fluid regulating the metabolism and excretion.

In the balance, the harmony of light and dark, sun and moon, male and female, we meet a new world, full of promise, of fertility, of openness, of possibility and colors, the Spring, the season of expansion of creativity and joyful dance.

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