The Maya and the end of the world 2012?


The Maya and the end of the world 2012?

The Maya and the end of the world 2012?

It seems that the Mexican government has promised to reveal new information about the Mayan civilization, kept secret for more than 80 years, before the end of 2012.

According to the authoritative Reuters, which information would be revealed "shocking" about the end of 2012 by the Mexican government, derived from the wisdom of Maya, it seems that this year will be very "interesting" for all: the tourism minister said that "the Mayans built a pyramid above the other, the site of Calakmul, where rooms were discovered inside the pyramid that is not never been seen by anyone.

It seems they're getting a number of very important events for all mankind and that will come out in a documentary that will be launched from the same router where you explain the dynamics that will interest us in the coming months.

Disclose really the secret of secrets or is it just a clever publicity stunt to promote the documentary?
We'll know before the end of this magical year 2012 ..

But above all, is not that all this movement has been cleverly engineered to drive the emotions of the people so as to be easily controlled, since terrified by terrestrial upheavals taking place nowadays?



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