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December 21, 2012 The end of the world?

Not long at December 21, 2012, to determine if the Mayans had predicted right, meaning the end of the world and is more true if the hypothesis that the date may be a kind of radical change in our lives globally.

Scientists around the academic course that will disprove something apocalyptic, although anyone remember that 65 million years ago there was an extraordinary event that gate from the planet earth the whole race of dinosaurs, and that therefore the long history of the world is subject to sudden twists: and if indeed an asteroid hit the earth, or if a planet until now unknown to us was really on a collision course with us?

Already 14 years ago, a British newspaper had accused American astronomers to disguise the world what they know ... and if it was precisely this mysterious planet Nibiru to be the cause of terrible disasters in our near future?

Obviously NASA excludes the more imperative that the famous and mysterious world that exists, because, they say, "we would have seen" ... but somebody argues that scientists do not possess any suitable means to see the heavenly bodies very cold, in fact, Nibiru, would have a temperature of -230 degrees, which would make him invisible to our eyes, and do not forget that the planets that you know beyond Saturn were discovered thanks to the mathematical calculation, and not for observation with telescopes.

Another hypothesis concerns the radical change and not a real end of the world, is about a sudden reversal of magnetic poles, a phenomenon which some scholars would occur every 500 thousand years. Still others think that the Earth could get to turn in the opposite direction of rotation: a de facto change in the Earth's magnetic field has already happened twice more by the presence of man on our planet, the last time was 750 thousand years ago but the earth continued to rotate in the same way ... maybe ..

But let's taper order: up to 1980 no one knew anything about these calculations to the Mayan calendar, because no one had yet been able to decipher those calculations made by this civilization and correlate it with our calendar. The Maya, or at least the caste of priests, were the guardians of knowledge unimaginable that time, as was the case in other cultures on Earth.

Not only had very advanced computing systems, but they had a very thorough knowledge of the sky and the stars: the Maya constantly exploring the heavens to predict the fate of men. Fini astronomers were aware of the movement of the Sun, Earth and other planets, they were also able to predict eclipses and, long before the discovery of the telescope, they knew Uranus, discovered instead was (officially) in 1789 by William Herschel, and Neptune that was revealed in 1846 by Adams and Le Verrier (always officially) ..

The Maya in contrast to other populations of the same age, had a conception of time as us, that is, segments, ie the time was divided by hours, days, weeks, months, years, centuries, eras. This in turn divided into major periods of construction and destruction, and to represent these cycles, that's the mysterious wheel-calendar that we have only recently learned to decipher, whose gear wheels were made of, people and nature: These wheels turn continuously and create different sub-calendars, the two best known are the Haab calendar of 365 days, exactly the same as ours, but with weeks of 9 days, and the calendar Tzolkin consists of 260 days.

The first was used in everyday practice, primarily to mark the seasons of agriculture, while the second was designed for divination, prophecy and a sacred use. But there was a third calendar, much more complex, which retraced the entire history of the Maya civilization began over 3000 years before Christ, and that was to expire in 2012, exactly 5125 years later.

1,872,625 days to be exact!

One day he called k'in, 20 k'in were a Uinai, 18 Uinai did the Haab, the year, then there was a nineteenth Uinai, very short, only 5 days considered inauspicious: the people remained closed in home for fear of the wrath of the gods.
The sacred calendar, to 260 days was divided into 13 months of 20 days each, a century lasted just 52 annima the Maya used to group the years into groups of 20: 20 Haab was a fact that people do not ... K'atun usva a decimal system like our (base ten) but a vigesimal, ie based winds.

But because the world should end its 21 December 2012? Starting from their basic unit consists of 20 cycles (that is 360 days) the mathematical Maya calculated the great cycle of 5125 years, which corresponds to 13 B'aktuns, where each is divided into 20 periods called K'atuns and compounds 20 cycles each involving 360 days, tuns ..

In these months for all of us is approaching the end of the "world or fifth sun", which ends just above the date as the previous cycles, or the earth will be hit by huge disasters, floods, earthquakes which will in turn create a huge social chaos : everything can happen, the end of an era, but perhaps the beginning of another radical change ..

And if the calculation was wrong? The two brothers say astronomers (Bohm) who are convinced that the apocalypse or the end of the world will hand in 2116, arose after the date remade all the calculations that compare with our Mayan calendar, and according to them, the archaeologist Sidny John Eric Thompson ignored a long interruption of the schedule that had blocked the counting of days, then 2116 would be the correct date!!

What will happen then? We can be saved and continue to live our lives like nothing had happened? Not really anything will happen to the date that had been predicted and there was literally harassed in recent years? We will see again in our priorities than the ancestral fears that afflict humanity?

The answer can only come when we get the date which is now due: December 21, 2012 ..... Bluf or Revelation?

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