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Maya profecy 2012

 The Mayan prophecies and forecasts 2012


Considering the Mayan predictions, prophesied in the sacred writings of that culture survived rapes by "intellectuals" made by the Catholic Church, it seems that by the end of 2012, more precisely, 21/12/2012, happen some event capable of catastrophic global produce death and destruction in our civilization.

None of this information has scientific basis, and many geologists, astronomers, as well as many scholars of Mayan history has refuted these claims.
Bearing in mind that this Mesoamerican calculated the time in many ways (he had several calendars) depending on the purpose that was intended, the calculation by which certain characters have come to identify the end of the world seems to have a calendar called "The Long Count" only because it identifies long periods of time, however, continue after the end of each cycle: just seems that the computation time for the fact that the Maya themselves, have disappeared as a company, so nobody has been able to continue the calculations for the other cycles .

A New Age levels are given two translations of what should happen later this year: one corresponds to the total physical destruction of everything we know, while the other corresponds to the end of a cycle of existence Social, where the human society reach a maturity that will bring inner peace and love for centuries.
It seems that people feel the need to perceive the end of life to enjoy their lives so they try, consciously or unconsciously, a person information or tell them what they know is about to end, so you feel more alive, just as they do The "believers" Christians, when they are told to be punished if they violate the law of God, even if it is not true.

What happens or not the destruction of our society no matter who or what will survive, because they will be very dark time for those who are still in this world, while, prepare for something that will not, however laudable in some respects, tends to indicate self-destructive desires about those who try them, so how would an essay "let a specialist take a look" ...

But if you prepare yourself for the worst because it runs worse than this can not go ... maybe.

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