December 21, 2012 NASA and the End of the World



Maya 2012 nasa end of world 

2012 Nasa and the end of the world

Thousands of years ago people looked at the planets to be guided in their choices of life, planetary alignments foretold momentous events for better or for worse and it was common to many cultures, the most important decisions taken during those particular days, putting each choice the stars.

Even today there are many people who rely on the motion of planets about the future, but can rarely deal with planetary alignments: usually these alignments that are commonly discussed by the experts involved in the Milky Way, the Sun, Earth and Venus ( it is one of the planets have always considered very important among all, in many cultures).

There is actually more of an alignment to be considered and everything depends on the point of view, but beyond the conventions of personal, above all doubt is that its December 21, 2012 will be the Winter Solstice and the Sun will be in a rare position, since it will be aligned to the center of the Milky Way, an event that has been repeated for 26000 years.

The winter solstice is not dangerous in itself, repeating itself every year for several millennia, repeated every year for 2 times when the Earth's axis is tilted more towards the sun, nor the astronomical alignment is not dangerous or rare, in fact, astronomers observe them continuously.

In 2002 for example, 5 planets were aligned within 33 degrees without any consequence, in 2000, five planets (Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus) were found within 50 degrees of each other, and June 13, 2002 Uranus, Jupiter and Mercury are aligned on one side of the Sun, while Venus, Mars and Saturn are aligned on the opposite side, the land was perpendicular to the Sun at that time but all these phenomena at the same time never occurred.

This alignment defined scientifically "galactic alignment" will bring a change beginning from December 21, 2012: It is said that this configuration of the heavens and the so-called "Dark Rift" in the center of the Milky Way is a condition that is occurring for the first time the creation of our world, for the first time in history instead of looking out over the top of the galaxy, we'll look at it from below the galactic plane.

There are people who are convinced that this event could put the Earth in danger of being sucked into a black hole at the center of the dark crack in the Milky Way. Others believe that the Sun is telling her it through 2012 there will be a maximum activity never found spots and solar storms. The 2012 NASA has confirmed this phenomenon on his website, concluding that they expect phenomena such strong and serious as in 1958 or even worse.

Add to that the gravitational effects of the planets line up and is easy to predict that December 21, 2012 could very well be a Winter Solstice more disturbing than usual ....

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