Osho Biography


Osho Biography

osho biography

Osho was born on 11 December 1931 in Mdhya Pradesh, Central India: from an early age confronts existence as a free spirit, eager to experience life firsthand, intolerant of rules imposed or acquired blindly.

His search for truth reaches its climax at the age of 21 years, living in his innermost spirit, the highest peak of consciousness experienced by humans, the lighting.

This opened his eyes to the reality of existence as it is, free from prejudice, not conditioned by mental images, pushes him to share his experience with others, then begins to travel through India, before engaging in debate and conferences, then lecturing to crowds even a hundred thousand people.

Try to do what can not be done, because this experience can not be transmitted orally, but only directly experienced, and it is this inability to communicate that some researchers are united to him, whose real motivation is to know your true self, directly and without meditation.

In 1964, Osho, organizes the first meditation camps, using innovative methods, dynamic type, which enable one to feel that silence beyond silence, in which our true nature is manifested in the experience dell'indubitabile.

In 1966 Osho leaves his college career, and moved to Bombay in the late seventies, resulting in an ashram, or spiritual community that is transferred to Pune in 1974, during the twenty-first anniversary of its first lighting.

Recognized as "Master of Reality" by people living close to him, after an experience in America ended with his arrest and the poisoning, the ashram again the core of his work, where he created in the late eighties, a laboratory growth, the impact of which still attracts the seekers of truth from all over the world aware of finding a place of deep spirituality that helps to experience the depth sought enlightenment.

Osho, for years known as Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, explained that the name you want to be remembered is derived from "Ocean", Osheanic pronounced in English (this was explained to him ..).

This term, coined by the English philosopher William James, has been used to describe the experience of being dissolved in the ocean of existence, common to the different religious traditions, therefore, a sound that evokes strong emotions in our consciousness, so he wanted to be remembered Osho by those who draw inspiration and sustenance from his vision, as if to testify that the quest for truth, and the evolution of consciousness beyond the individual life, belonging to man's existence as such for centuries.

In fact, before leaving his body, January 19, 1990 Osho said: "I am not part of any movement, my work is something eternal that is happening since the first humans appeared on Earth, and will continue until ' last man. Finding the truth is not new or something old, the search of his being has nothing to do with time. I could not be there but what I am doing would continue. No one is the founder or leader, is a huge phenomenon. Many enlightened appeared, have given their help and have disappeared but their help has led humanity further up, made it a bit 'better, more human. They have left the world a little 'more beautiful as they found it. "

"Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to solve!"

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