Esotericism. The meaning of symbols Triangle

Esotericism. The meaning of symbols Triangle

Notify dynamism and serves as an indicator of direction, with its three sides and three points is complete and while the origin of any developments.
The equilateral triangle represents the divine, the harmony, proportion and is a symbol of the trinity in Christianity, while in the Eastern civilization it with the top down is a feminine symbol, while the one with the apex at the top of the masculine.

For half of the equilateral triangle are represented the four elements: the equilateral triangle with the apex at the top is the symbol of fire, if crossed by a horizontal line becomes the symbol of air, the inverted triangle at the bottom is the symbol of water and if with a dash oprizzontale becomes a symbol of mother earth.
The conjunction of two equilateral triangles (one with the top down and one with the apex upwards) gives rise to the Solomon's seal, which indicates the set delgi elements of the universe (earth, water, fire, air) with the spirit at the center of the design represented by the vacuum.

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