The Unicorn


Esoteric meaning symbol Unicorn

Esoteric meaning symbol Unicorn

One of the most fascinating creatures of the fantasy world is without doubt the unicorn: Today we consider it under the guise of a beautiful white horse with a horn on its forehead, but throughout history has been represented in many different forms since its origin attributed to a region between India and China where it was called K'i-lin, one of the four magic animals mentioned in an ancient text with the phoenix, the tortoise and the dragon, which among other things also showed the four directions in Feng Shui , only that the unicorn was then replaced by the tiger.

In this text we read that you can see a unicorn on the birth of a perfect ruler (probably why no one has ever seen one in China ..): throughout history, its value is never changed and beneficial right from 'Antiquities of the remarkable healing powers were attributed, aphrodisiac and even believed it capable of neutralizing the poisons in food, during the Middle Ages there were many kings to rely on the powder horn to defeat the threat of death, death reached very quickly.
the first to talk about this being in the West was Ctesias, a doctor who lived in the Persian traveler and historian century BC, which he quoted in one of his works in which he described the wonders of India. Has long been debated whether Ctesias has been deceived by images on the spot or maybe you had come across an antelope or a rhinoceros at the time animals still unknown in the West, in fact the most reliable source for the origin cell'unicorno is that of the rhinoceros to which traditional local legends, were given virtually the same virtues.

Another testimony comes from the greek Aelian lived in the third century AD, who knew the rhinoceros, thus was born the myth of the unicorn in the West especially in the twelfth century began a real hunt for this animal, in the period in which the frontiers of Asia Europe were opened it became a symbol of some real badges, synonymous with purity, virtue and wisdom, all features that have never been part of genetics related to "noble" and the rich.

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