The Swan


Symbolism esoteric meaning Swan

The swans are in close relationship with the gods of light and are a symbol of wisdom, true love, faithfulness to / your / a partner / a, innocence, purity, strength and courage, though it was said that Zeus was transformed into a swan to circuire better human mating .. she wanted the swan gives the ability to interpret dreams, and represents the spiritual evolution is tied to the water where it swims.

Air where it flies, and the land is protected, but is above all the fire of the sun from which it draws its power to master the other three elements: is the communication between the elements, between different worlds, the sacred and beneficial owner of magical powers associated with the music and singing, together with the healing powers of sun and water, it also represents the inner light and the harmony of the human spirit, the divine spark in man.

His flight is compared to the return of the spirit to its source and represents the man who tends to the good to better oneself, to perceptions, to spirituality, in the Middle Ages was the emblem of chivalry was the knight and mystic who started search of the Grail, the Sacred Cup.
From ancient Greece through Asia, as well as Slavic and Germanic peoples and Native Americans, the swan is a bird whose immaculate purity, energy and grace make it a living representation of the light, inseparable companion of Apollo in Greece old, becomes one of the transformations of Zeus to seduce Leda, as mentioned before, while in the Far East has always been a symbol of Hardness and beauty, nobility and courage.

In fairy tales, the swan is often a representation of a princess or a fairy who, because of a spell or a spell that has taken shape for avvicinarso hero of the story, it draws on alchemical symbolism: it is the bird that occurs more frequently in Celtic mythological texts, heavenly creature, essentially, is the form taken by most of the beings of this world that, for one reason or another, enter the terrestrial world.

For Native Americans the swan knows how to accept the grace brought by the change by submitting to the divine plan of the Great Spirit and not in any way opposed to his will.
This symbolism comes from the transformation of the ugly chick in a majestic swan, whose look can move beyond the world of appearances and see into the future.

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