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Esoteric Symbolism Stick

Esoteric Symbolism Stick

The stick is probably the oldest tool that humans have used, it is the easiest way to use a tool extending his arm, still in the ancient civilizations such as the peasant civilization, is an indispensable tool to guide the flock and the cattle, and from this meaning comes the bishops' pastoral.

Another attribute of the stick is to indicate the direction, lifting it in front of you is blessed that way: the significance of estensioone hand is then passed to the extension of his own will and power of the scepter, for the Buddhist monks, it is support and peaceful weapon of defense, signal a commanding presence, in general it has become a symbol of monasticism and a weapon of exorcism that keeps away evil influences.

In ancient China the stick, especially one made of peach wood, was used to ward off evil arrival of the new year, Chinese Taoism, the teachers are often depicted with a knotty stick which can have seven or nine knots, indicating the steps to overcome to get to heaven, or how many chakras must be purified to access all'illuminazsione or state of emptiness.

You'll find it in the hands of the shaman, the magician, the image of the witch, the vehicle is traveling through different worlds and planes. Like the tree, stick, belongs to the axial symbolism as a tool to connect heaven and earth, this is very evident in Moses' staff, being connected to the spring source, as happens in the Bible and in many mythological stories.
Derives from the stick wand symbolizing power and clairvoyance, as the wand of the magician, the witch, the fairy, without divining rod tracciatre guess it can not ground the circle in which is placed to evoke the spirits, nor to trace in the sky the square, within which to interpret the flight of birds.
Once the rod was used to identify the sources of water and mineral deposits, including the Celts the magic wand is the instrument par excellence and a symbol of magical power that the Druid has the elements.

At the Native Americans as well as provide support and direction indicator, the staff has several meanings, among many others such as the talking stick, the stick that is to talk it has been used for centuries by most of the tribes to give each During a wild meeting, the right to speak, in fact whenever the tribes gathered to decide on important matters the most senior member was holding a stick and began the discussion, when he finished speaking he held out his stick to anyone asking the word , so it passed from one to another until all who wished to speak had done so, then the stick back to the chief elder.
In this way we ensured respect for each, the freedom and power to speak freely without fear of criticism by others, whoever held the stick in his hand had even the sacred power of words.

Another important stick was used to touch the enemy during a battle, which was considered an act of courage than to launch an arrow, also sticks were also frequent gaming tools for children together with the circle and the ball.

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