The non-human


NON-HUMAN in the astral planes

For the purpose of our examination of this non-human inhabitants of the astral plane, you better not take into account the initial forms of universal life that are evolving in ways that are little understood by us, through the progressive coating of atoms, molecules and cells because if we start at the bottom to those who are commonly called the elemental kingdoms, we must also then be grouped together under this chapter generally a huge number of inhabitants of the astral plane that you can only touch lightly, because something like a detailed account of them to dilate this manual the size of an encyclopedia.

The most convenient way to order the non-human entities could be in four classes-it is clear that in this case the class is not, as earlier, a relatively small subdivision, but usually a great kingdom of nature at least as large and diverse as, say The animal or plant kingdom. Some of these are much lower than human beings, some are our peers, others rising above us in goodness and power. Some belong to our scheme of evolution-that is, was or will be human beings like us, others are evolving quite distinct lines of their own. Before proceeding to examine it is necessary to avoid the risk of being incomplete, to say that in this part of the Treaty were made two exclusions.

First, no mention is made of the occasional appearance of very high Adepts from other planets of the solar system and even more august Visitors from even greater distances, as this matter can not be properly described in an essay for ordinary readers; d ' Moreover, it is almost inconceivable, though of course theoretically possible that beings of that glory ever need to express themselves on a plane so low as the astral.

  • The Elemental Essence belonging to our lineage. Just like the name "elementary" was given indiscriminately from different writers to some or all conditions of the post-mortem human, so the word "elemental" has been used in different occasions to report any non-human spirit, the most devas similar to the, down through all the variety of nature spirits to the formless essence that pervades the kingdoms below the mineral, until, after reading several books, the student remains disappointed by the contradictory statements made on this subject. For the purpose of this paper will import simply restrict its meaning only to the last mentioned class, and use it only to indicate the three great kingdoms that precede the mineral in the order of our evolution. It must be remembered that these elemental kingdoms are referred to one of the first letters of an adept teacher, and it is claimed that the first and the second can not be easily understood except by an initiate. I must therefore take care to present only one third of the kingdom closer to the first of the mineral kingdom, although even that will be quite complicated, as you will understand when you say that has more than distinct varieties of elemental essence, for each of which the student wishing to have perfect control of the astral forces must learn to distinguish at first sight, and even the proper way to treat it. We have a strong influence on these life forms, because we push, often without realizing it, to do our will, and they sobbarcano many blame for this.
  • Astral of the animals. This is a very large class, but does not occupy a particularly important position on the astral plane. The great majority of animals has not yet acquired permanent individualization, and when one of them dies the monadic essence, or Divine, which was manifested through it flows back to the particular state from which he came, bringing with him the experience or the evolution that has come in this life, that's where the result that each species has no knowledge that parents have taught them directly. Some animals can reach states of embodiment and, through the experiences of humans can be reborn in a human body.
  • Nature spirits of all kinds. The subdivisions of this class are so numerous and varied that to do justice to them only have to write a treatise on them.
  • The Devas. The highest system of evolution associated with this land, as we know, is that the beings that the Hindus call the Devas, and elsewhere have been called angels, children of God, et cetera. They can be regarded as a realm that is above humanity, in the same way that humanity is above the animal kingdom, but with the important difference that, while an animal there is no possibility of evolution by other kingdoms not the human, for man, when it arrives at a certain level, they open different possible paths of advancement, and the evolution in Deva is only one of these.

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