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The Living in the astral planes

The entities that manifest on the astral plane during physical life can be divided into four classes:

1 - The Adept or Chela in Mayavirupa. This body is the vehicle used in the four artificial or lower levels in the four divisions of the plan rupa devachanic by those who are able to move here during the earthly life, and are formed with the matter of the mental body. Students are initially unable to build it, and therefore must be content with their ordinary astral body formed by the coarser material kamica aura, but at some point in its growth as the Master himself for him his Mayavirupa for the first time, and subsequently instructs and assists until he is not able to make one only easily and quickly. When this capacity is reached, this vehicle is normally used instead of the coarser astral body, because it allows instant switching from the astral plane and back to devachanic without limitations, and always allows the use of higher powers inherent in the plan where we moves. We must remember, however, that a person who is traveling with the Mayavirupa is not perceptible by simple astral vision unless she chooses to gather around him the astral material particles, thus creating a temporary body suit that plan, however, such a temporary building can only resemble a normal astral body as a materialization resembles a physical body in each case it is a manifestation of a higher entity on a lower floor in order to become visible to those whose meaning can not transcend that plan. But it is in Mayavirupa or astral body, the student introduced on the astral plane under the guidance of a competent teacher can always have the awareness, and is in fact himself exactly as his friends know him on earth, without any of the four lower bodies in the first case and the three lower bodies in the second, having more powers and additional faculties of his highest state, which enable him to carry on with greater ease and greater efficiency in that plane during sleep, Theosophical work which occupies so much his thoughts when he is awake. If we remember fully and accurately in the physical plane what he has done or learned in other plans largely depends, as already said, from what he is capable of transferring from one state to another, his conscience free from interference.

2 - People who are not Psychically developed under the guidance of a teacher. The person may or may not be spiritually evolved, since the two types of growth do not necessarily proceed together, and being born with psychic powers is simply the result of efforts made during a previous incarnation, which may have been marked by a noble character and altruistic, or otherwise by an ignorant and selfish character, or even completely unworthy. Such a person is fully conscious when he is outside his body, but for lack of appropriate training is shown to be greatly deceived by what he sees. He will often be able to navigate through the different subdivisions of the astral plane just as fully as persons belonging to the previous class, but sometimes it is particularly drawn to a subdivision and rarely travels outside the sphere of influence of this. The memories of what he has seen can vary depending on the degree of development reached by him, through all levels, from the perfect clarity, the complete distortion, total oblivion. He always appears in the astral body, according to the hypothesis that he does not know how to form the Mayavirupa.

3 - The Common People - who are the people with no psychic development-wave in their astral body in a state of greater or lesser degree of unconsciousness. In the deep slumber in their upper bodies astral vehicle invariably protrude from the body, and hover in its immediate vicinity, virtually dormant since at least the latter. In some cases, however, this astral vehicle is less lethargic, and floats dreamily among the various astral currents, occasionally recognizing other people in the same conditions, and coming across all sorts of experiences, pleasant and unpleasant memories of them, hopelessly confused and often turned into grotesque caricatures of what really happened, will cause the next morning that he thinks has made remarkable dream. These extruded astral bodies are rather shapeless and very poorly defined in the profile in case of less advanced races or individuals, but as man develops intellect and spirituality his floating astral becomes better defined and more resembles the His physical body. Because the mental faculties of mankind are developing, this class vanishes naturally at a rate imperceptible in the previous group.

4 -. Wizards Blacks and their students. This class corresponds closely to the first, except that the development is for evil instead of good, and the powers acquired are used for purely selfish ends rather than for the good of humanity. Among their ranks are the lowest members of the black race who practice the rites of terrible schools Obeha or Voodoo, and medicine men of many savage tribes. While those more intellectually elevated and therefore the most reprehensible, are wizards blacks Tibetans, who are often, though incorrectly, called by Europeans Dugpas - a title proper due, as quite correctly explained by Surgeon Major Waddell in his recent work on The Buddhism of Tibet, only the subdivision of large Bhotanese Kargyu sect, which is part of what may be called the semi-reformed school of Tibetan Buddhism. The Dugpas no doubt about magic tantric, but entirely unreformed sect is that of the red beret of the Nin-ma-pa, but far beyond them, to a level even lower, there are Bonpa, devotees the original religion who have never accepted any form of Buddhism. This should not, however, to suppose that all Tibetan sects except Gelupga, are necessarily and wholly evil, a more realistic point of view might be that because the rules allow the other seven great laxity in the life and practice, the proportion of those who pursue selfish ends is higher among them than among the reformists closer. The researcher will occasionally meet on the astral plane students of occultism from all over the world (belonging to lodges are completely disconnected from the Masters by known Theosophists) which are actually in many cases the most honest and most altruistic seekers of truth.

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